Mikro Entertainment Launches Dance Content Marketplace to Help Dancers Benefit From Third-Party Usage

Mikro Entertainment Inc.'s dance content management platform utilizes AI to extract 3D motion data and also to match third-party usage. It is aimed to help dancers generate additional income from their professional artwork.


​​​​Mikro Entertainment Inc., a company that has received national media coverage, today announces the launch of the first-ever dance content marketplace, named "GESREC." It is designed to help dancers and choreographers receive fees and credits for the third-party usage of their professional artwork. 

Mikro Entertainment Inc.'s platform allows dancers and choreographers an opportunity to register their dance content through Youtube videos that will be analyzed by AI to extract 3D motion data. The data will be stored, and it gives full control of intellectual property by those who own it. It allows third-party clients who seek to utilize such artwork with their interests, such as live events, dance lessons, advertisements, games and even more than those channels. The name GESREC was created using a combination of the words "gesture" and "recognition."

Dancing has been gaining more attention over the past years, as video-sharing platforms have been gaining more and more global popularity. At the same time, dancers and choreographers are often not rewarded fully when their artwork goes viral. The service is to resolve the global gap by helping them receive credit and generate additional income. Defining dance content owners has been a challenge, as it completely depends on subjectivity. In order to overcome the challenge, new AI technology was developed to solve the issue.

Currently, the market for choreography is not clearly defined and established in the way it could be, as mentioned above. However, it is estimated to be at least 403 million USD, Japan and the U.S. combined, which the service will target for the next few years. Mikro Entertainment Inc. believes that the global market size is significantly larger, as the issue exists in most other countries.

"We are very excited to challenge such an ambitious project, hoping to contribute to not only professional dancers and choreographers but also those who are involved in the industry. We are confident that, at the end of the day, there will be more content to entertain audiences when dancers can focus more on their creative process, knowing their intellectual property rights are secured," said Taku Kodaira, CEO of Mikro Entertainment Inc.

​Mikro Entertainment Inc. strongly believes that the platform and its operation need to be flexible enough not to limit the creativity of dancers and choreographers but rather revitalize it.

Mikro Entertainment Inc. is a company aiming to reconstitute entertainment that exists in everyday life, creating new values to make the world a better place. The majority of the team are bilingual engineers, including those experienced in AI. It is a Japanese startup with a global mindset.

Taku Kodaira, info@mikro.jp​


Source: Mikro Entertainment Inc.

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