Mike Coady Launches New Online Brand Presence

Mike Coady

Business growth leader Mike Coady has launched a revamped online presence. The new site, available at www.mikecoady.com, offers users a clean user interface and seamless functionality across smartphone and tablet devices.

The site carries views and insights from Mike as he delivers commentary on industry standards and changes, supercharging businesses for strategic growth, planning for a secure financial future, and getting the most out of motivated teams. 

“As someone who champions digitalisation, efficiency and quality and the need to be available for conversations, I’m thrilled to have had the chance to apply some of these values to my own web presence. Visitors will be able to read and share my views on multiple subjects focused around achieving business and financial goals. I’m looking forward to brand new conversations through the site, as well as a continuation of the dialogues we’ve had in my 20 years in the industry,” said Mike Coady – who is currently serving as CEO of Swissglobal. 

Mike is recognised as a skilled strategic business growth leader, motivator and performance expert. He has a track record of success and excellence in the financial services industry and is known for his ability to inspire teams towards excellence. Mike is also an expert at sparking organization transformations towards customer service, excellence, and digitalisation. He has held numerous roles of responsibility in the financial industry and is a Fellow of the Insitute of Directors (FloD). 

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