Migraine Treatment Made Possible With 'Migraine Cut' Spray

Scientists Produce New Spray Called "Migraine Cut" for Treating Migraine Headaches


A group of researchers at MIM Daroo Pharmaceutical Company have managed to produce a spray called "Migraine Cut" which can treat migraine headaches.

Migraine treatment is among important issues that have remained very complicated in the world of medicine. The methods used so far have generally been soothing rather than treating.

Aramesh Clinic was launched 13 years ago in Iran with the aim of treating migraines. The company has been helping migraine patients for more than a decade through aromatherapy.

After 12 years of therapeutic experience in this field and use of aromatherapy method, they changed the treatment method by producing “Migraine Cut” sprays, which have so far treated many patients inside Iran.

The CEO of the company, who himself suffered from migraine for 28 years, has dedicated his life to treating patients from Iran and other countries by running this migraine treatment clinic.

The company has been producing and marketing these migraine sprays for a year so that more people can get rid of migraine pain at a very low cost.

Prior to the production of this spray, patients had to be exposed to humidifiers for 20 sessions; each time for 30 to 40 minutes. They were treated in a period of about one year at a very high cost.

These people, who sometimes came from other cities or countries, complained about the length of their treatment and high costs.

According to the Ministry of Health, 757 million drug units used to be sold in Iran during a single year to relieve headaches, as there are 9 million people suffering from migraine in the country. This led Iranian knowledge-based company MIM Daroo to think about mass production of migraine sprays.

“Before mass distribution of the spray, we distributed it among our clients in the clinic, and out of 300 patients, 81 percent stated that after 4 to 5 months the drug stopped their migraine headaches and turned them into ordinary headaches,” say the company officials.

As there is a call center at the company, the patients who bought the spray were monitored at the beginning of consumption. Out of the 2,000 patients who took the drug, 79 percent reported that their pain has stopped.

There are chemical drugs in the U.S., India and several other countries to treat migraine which imposes a high cost on the patient. Therefore, Iran is the first country that manufactures non-chemical and inexpensive migraine medication.

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Source: MIM Daroo Pharmaceutical Company

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