Midwest Record Label, OHTen Records, Celebrates Three Years in Business!

CEO Nicholas Crawford celebrates the success of his business and artists, Bae Bae Savo and Jay Juice.

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Celebrating three years in business, OHTen Records is emerging out of the Midwest as one of the premier record companies of its time. Founded by serial entrepreneur Nicholas Crawford, this Ohio rooted label is growing by leaps and bounds—as it has managed to kick out viral artists, rapper Bae Bae Savo and teen sensational hip-hop artist Jay Juice.

“I am happy to be here,” states Nicholas “Nick” Crawford. “The road to success has not been easy; however, we are continuously pushing to new heights.” Crawford created the label in order to fill a void in the Midwest. “Becoming the entertainment conglomerate of the Midwest is my goal.”

Crawford’s marquee artist Bae Bae Savo solidified the label’s notoriety in the spring of 2019, when he recorded a song with local artist YSN Flow. Their collaboration, “Want Beef?” managed to garner well over nineteen million views. To say that Bae Bae Savo went viral is an understatement! “This was an amazing time and moment for me.” States Bae Bae Savo. Most artists only dream of going viral, but Savo did it and with the backing of OHTen Records, it happened.

Currently finishing his junior year in High School, the sixteen-year-old teen artist, Jay Juice is surely becoming a force in hip-hop music to be reckoned with. Having an expected graduation date in June of 2022, Jay Juice is a young talented artist ready to be set free from all perimeters. “Promoting my music is a priority,” says the rapper who is the youngest artist signed to the indie label, OHTen Records.

“We are excited about what is in store for the OHTen,” states Crawford. “Bae Bae Savo and Jay Juice are paving and lighting the path for artists in the Midwest to come,” States Publicist Lynn K. Hobson.

Another arm of the label was created during the pandemic. OHTen Recording Studios opened this past summer, providing services such as radio edits; pre-production; mix & master; LIVE bands, and more, this facility is a one-stop-shop for all local music needs.

“Five years from now, we hope to become an entertainment conglomerate. Our full recording facility, which encompasses music production, photoshoots, and podcast production is now operational. Building a film studio is next,” states Crawford. “We’re taking over.”


Contact: Lynn K. Hobson at (347) 385-4092

Source: OHTen Records


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