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A Kickstarter campaign for the Midong Chair, an innovative new invention that helps correct posture, has just been announced. Inventor Jae Hyun Lee   registered the first patent for his ergonomically designed chair back in 2012. Since then it has received a great deal of interest and recognition from scientific and medical communities, along with a multitude of awards from around the globe.

As Jae Hyun Lee explains, “Bad posture is commonplace in our modern society, and often leads to a host of physical problems for office workers, athletes, construction workers and long-distance drivers, to mention just a few. Most of these problems are a direct result of sitting in poorly designed chairs.”

Many people are required to sit at a desk for most of their working day. If the chair is inadequate, the spinal muscles are forced to work harder in order to maintain balance, significantly increasing muscle work. This continued effect often results in discomfort and possibly even spasms. The natural curve in the lower back will, over time, flatten out. Unfortunately, most people are unaware of the damage that has been caused until it has progressed to a severe state and is difficult to treat.

Although back pain is a complaint commonly heard the world over, doctors have only recently come to the realization that a poorly designed chair could be the culprit. Incorrect posture is known to be the underlying cause of painful spine disorders for which thousands of people seek treatment every day. And the effects of poor posture not only have an impact on the back, but can also negatively affect the digestive system, stress levels and overall work performance.

The Midong Chair is cleverly designed to change the occupant’s habits and eliminate bad posture. The back of the chair aligns itself comfortably along the person’s back, no matter what position they are in, reducing pressure and shifting weight where necessary. The bottom of the chair slides backwards and forwards with ease and the seat slides to adjust to the waist if the user reclines.  Adjustments can be made to the neck rest, armrest and height of the chair in order for it to be a perfect fit for the user.

People from all walks of life are sure to benefit from the Midong Chair, especially those who are required to spend hours of their day working at a desk.

The Kickstarter campaign offers numerous rewards for contributions received, which can be seen here:  


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