MIDEO Health Card Software Technology Platform Launches

Institute on HealthCare Directives (IHCD) a leading provider of Advance Care Planning, education, and research, is pleased to announce the release of MIDEO® (My Informed Decision on VidEO) Software and Technology Platform www.MIDEOcard.com.

Dr. Ferdinando Mirarchi, CEO and Chief Medical Officer of IHCD stated, “We are poised to enter one of the most exciting times in our history, which is a new era in keeping our patients safe during a medical event. Our MIDEO® health care software release comes on the heels of starting off the New Year 2019. During the next few weeks, you will be undulated with marketing campaigns with articles promoting the use of living wills and medical orders called POLST (Physician Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment). These articles typically discuss the use, benefits and the need to complete them as part of a New Year Resolution. However, you will quickly notice these organizations never discuss the significant national patient safety risks, errors and the unnecessary healthcare costs associated with the use of paper-based and digital Advance Care Planning documents. Our MIDEO® health card introduces what we believe is a revolutionary new software approach providing patients and medical providers unequaled accurate patient care and advance care planning significantly reducing healthcare costs. This solution provides a safe, standalone software solution or can complement a living will or POLST."

Glenn Dennis, recently appointed President of IHCD, said, “I couldn’t be more excited about joining IHCD at this time. It is clear that the excitement that the MIDEO®health card software technology is generating is rapidly becoming an industry leading Advance Care Planning (ACP) solution. MIDEO® health card has the potential to enhance the patient’s experience across the healthcare spectrum regardless of age, through healthcare partners such as provider/payors, aging ACP organizations, legal elder care, nursing homes, assisted living and other organizations dedicated to improving quality of life and healthy living. We are implementing an exciting go to market strategy that will differentiate us by delivering intuitive and unique one of a kind Advance Care Planning software technology solutions that are unequaled in patient safety, value, and performance."

MIDEO® Software Technology Platform provides an easy to use intuitive process that provides the patient and medical professionals a Medical Directive, portable in the form of a personalized MIDEO® ID Card that was created from over 15 years of evidence-based research called TRIAD (The Realistic Interpretation of Advance Directives) https://institutehcd.com/triad-advance-directives. For the first time, the MIDEO® Health Card provides the software and technology to revolutionize Advance Care Planning as it “safely” takes the guesswork out of the patient’s medical event.

As shown with the TRIAD research, paper and digital documents often result in a guess by the medical professional (who is a medical stranger to the patient). This is compounded by the already known challenge that documents are hard to locate and therefore increasing the risks of medical errors. Now with MIDEO, within 10 seconds medical providers, who again are medical strangers, are transformed into the patient’s advocate as the personalized MIDEO® health card communicates the true intentions of the patient. The patient’s personalized MIDEO® health card not only protects the patient’s rights, it also educates the doctor and reduce buts and eliminates medical errors. MIDEO avoids painful and expensive interventions when not desired (overtreatment) or a lack of medical care being provided to patients resulting in harm or death (undertreatment). MIDEO® can also help to significantly reduce medical costs which are predicted to exceed $350 billion.

The patient receives a MIDEO® ID health card that they keep on them at all times next to their driver’s license and insurance cards in their purse or wallet. They also receive a MIDEO® magnet for their refrigerator, jewelry or can be embedded in the patient’s smartphone which is quickly becoming the new wallet. The MIDEO® health card includes the patient and physician’s signature, personal video/audio of the patient that provides their current healthcare wishes.


The Institute on HealthCare Directives, with MIDEO® health card software technology supported by the Ben Franklin Technology Partners, specializes in patient safety, advance care planning and the safe & effective utilization of living wills and Physicians Order for Life –Sustaining Treatment orders. MIDEO® is a powerful and effective communication tool to protect patients and their care decisions. For more information on the Institute on HealthCare Directives, visit www.institutehcd.com or call (844) MIDEO-4U (844-643-3648). For more information on MIDEOTM, please contact Brandi Monroe at monroe@institutehcd.com or visit www.MIDEOcard.com.

Source: Institute on HealthCare Directives

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​Institute on HealthCare Directives (IHCD) a leading provider of Advance Care Planning, education, and research, is pleased to announce the release of MIDEO® (My Informed Decision on VidEO) Software and Technology Platform www.MIDEOcard.com.

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