Microimage Launches Localised HCM Solution for Myanmar

OMESTI Group partner Microimage HCM Asia has launched a localised version of its Human Capital Management solution for clients in Myanmar through an exclusive partnership with corporate services firm VDB Loi.

Microimage HCM Asia, partner of Asia-based OMESTI Group, has extended its presence in the South East Asia region, this time to Myanmar, through an exclusive partnership with local corporate services firm VDB Loi

Companies based in this emerging market will now be able to access the Microimage Human Capital Management (HCM) technology, which has been customised to provide a Myanmar-ready solution using VDB Loi’s local knowledge and expertise.

"We are delighted to be entering this dynamic market through our exclusive partnership with VDB Loi. Their expertise has been critical in preparing this customised HCM solution for the Myanmar market."


VDB Loi already offers outsourced payroll services using the Microimage Payroll module, services which are being utilised by several major global organisationsbased in Myanmar. Following the launch of the new solution, local companies will now be able to access the full suite of HCM modules.

Microimage HCM Asia Director Harsha Purasinghesaid, “We are delighted to be entering the Myanmar market through our exclusive partnership with VDB Loi. Their expertise and experience has been critical in preparing the solution for local adoption.

"For 20 years now, we have been developing technology that helps companies to streamline their people management systems and establish HR as the game changing enterprise-wide function. As we mark our 20th anniversary, we are proud to now bring this latest technology in HCM solutions to Myanmar enterprises.”

VDB Loi’s Managing Partner Jean Loi said, “The Myanmar market is dynamic and constantly evolving, particularly with regard to human resources. Managing and retaining staff here can be challenging, so we’re pleased to be able to offer these cutting-edge services to our clients in partnership with Microimage HCM Asia.

"Having customised the product for Myanmar based on our knowledge of the laws and working environment here means that our clients have the best of both worlds – access to international best practices for human resources management with the technology to match, while still meeting the specific regulatory and practical needs for operating in Myanmar.”

The Microimage HCM solution is available via three delivery models: on-premise, managed and cloud. The enterprise solution comprises a suite of 14 interrelated modules designed to help facilitate HR planning, recruitment, retention and development.

"The integrated platform enables a streamlined enterprise approach to payroll administration, employee records, benefits management, time management and more. The solution is also available as a kiosk-based system that is ideally suited to manufacturing and factory environments.

Recognising the specific needs of SMEs, the portfolio is also available on an as-a-service basis via an online, cloud-based HR management platform that offers the same features as the enterprise version but tailored to SME operations.