MicroGenDX Launches Its Patient-Focused Website to Streamline Access to Microbial Testing

Industry-Leading Clinical NGS Test Provider MicroGenDX Has Created a New Patient-Focused Website to Improve Access and Discovery of Its D2C Microbial Diagnostic Products

Front Page of the New MicroGenDX Website

MicroGenDX recognizes the importance of creating a seamless, patient-friendly digital experience. This new website represents a significant move forward in its endeavor to make Next Generation DNA Sequencing (NGS) technology accessible and beneficial to all — whether they seek clinical or lifestyle testing.  

A Patient-Centric Approach 

MicroGenDX developed its website on a guiding principle of best serving patient needs.  

When a patient comes to MicroGenDX, they come with questions about their health, seeking to find answers that can offer them and their physician crucial insight into a diagnosis or treatment.  

To advance the pursuit for clinical clarity, MicroGenDX has streamlined the process for patients to easily find and learn about the workings of each test, empowering them to make confident choices about their health through informed decision-making. 

The revamped platform is designed to be more intuitive and user-friendly, enabling patients to easily browse tests and receive products —  in as little as three clicks.

Existing MicroGenDX customers will have to create a new account.  

Simplifying the User Experience 

To address the intricacies of medical testing, MicroGenDX has refined its user experience by providing clear instructions for test collection and submission and accessible, patient education materials to describe each test offering — ensuring customers are confident in their selections. 

Furthermore, the site structure has been streamlined so they can expect a more satisfying and convenient digital experience with MicroGenDX. 

Creating a One-Stop Microbial Testing Shop 

MicroGenDX’s vision extends beyond revamping its user experience. To this end, it has built a one-stop shop, direct-to-patient (D2P) solution that caters to all microbial testing needs — for both clinical patients and lifestyle users.   

Whether it’s understanding one’s microbiome or identifying the cause of an infection, MicroGenDX aims to provide a holistic digital solution that addresses the full spectrum of microbial diagnostics use cases.  

About MicroGenDX 

MicroGenDX is an industry-leading microbial diagnostic lab, leveraging next-generation DNA sequencing (NGS) technology to provide fast, accurate, and comprehensive microbial detection. With over one million samples processed, MicroGenDX operates at the forefront of clinical diagnostics and research. It is a trusted partner of the CDC, FDA, and NASA.  

For more information on MicroGenDX and to experience the new website, visit https://patients.microgendx.com/

Source: MicroGenDX

About MicroGenDX

Founded in 2008, MicroGenDX has become the industry leader in the rapid turnaround and affordability of comprehensive Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) and qPCR testing for clinical diagnostics.

MicroGenDX is CLIA-licensed and CAP-accredited laboratory and has been the trusted research partner for the CDC, U.S. Army, NASA and the FDA. MicroGenDX has published over 70 clinical studies and is the most experienced molecular diagnostic laboratory, with more than 1.5 million samples processed.

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