Micro Kickboard's Emicro One Wins Eco-Excellence Award

Emicro one in action

Micro Kickboard, U.S. distributor for Micro-Mobility, recently launched the new emicro one hybrid electric scooter, which has won the 2016 Eco-Excellence Award in the Alternative Ride category. The Eco-Excellence Awards recognize excellence in environmental and social sustainability for products, services, companies, and websites. Micro Kickboard, also known as 'Micro', was up against heavy competition, including Uber and Harley Davidson.

The emicro one was designed and assembled in Switzerland near Micro Worldwide Headquarters. This light weight electric scooter appeals to commuters and technophiles alike. 

Micro Mobility, also known as 'Micro', began in the late 1990s with Wim Ouboter's invention of the Micro scooter. Whether commuter, traveler, schoolchild or fun seeker, Micro now offers a wide range of personal mobility products. The emicro one opens up a new chapter of urban mobility, adding technology enthusiasts to the circle of Micro riders.

What's so special about the innovative electric scooter? You can't tell just by looking – everything electrical is hidden - the motor is inside the back wheel and the battery is in the footboard of the scooter. "It's always a great experience to speed through the city jungle with the emicro one and see the surprised looks of the passers-by who are left behind", explained Gian Zimmermann with a smile, Project Manager and, of course, an emicro rider right from the start. "It really is great fun and I love being able to move from A to B without stress and without having to wait", adds Zimmermann. It makes sense and saves time and breaks up the hectic pace of everyday life. Following the trend towards electrical lightweight mobility, an electrified scooter was simply a logical consequence for Micro inventor and owner, Wim Ouboter: "To arrive at the destination in an environmentally friendly and uncomplicated way -- that was the vision", explained Ouboter

The hybrid design of the emicro one means it can be used as a kick scooter or in electric mode using the motion controlled technology. With every kick or push, the motor provides additional speed but can also be ridden with no assistance, like a conventional scooter. After the first kick has activated the motor, both feet can be placed on the foot board and body motion used to engage the motor to increase or maintain speed. Use of the back wheel brake slows the scooter while charging the battery through regenerative braking. 

At 16.5 lbs., the emicro one is very light for an electric scooter and still packs a lot of power. ​Riders can reach up to 12 mph and travel up to 10 miles on one charge. It features an elegant design, and looks a lot like a traditional micro scooter, with no battery bulge or cables. A full charge takes only 60 minutes.  

Following the trend towards electrical lightweight mobility, an electrified scooter as part of the  micro fleet was simply a must. The result: The first foldable compact E-scooter in the world with 'Motion Control'. 'Motion Control' is a small sensation in the world of motor control. The powerful motor only starts when a certain speed is reached and the rider can influence the support of the motor with their body motion. Both speed and the intensity of the electric support can be regulated. Riders who want to take it easy select "Eco" mode. Those who like to go a bit faster use "Standard" mode while commuters in a hurry choose "Sport" mode. Speeds of up to 12 miles per hour can be reached. The range of the scooter is approximately 5-10 miles but this is heavily dependent on the riding style, route profile and body weight of the rider. "With a normal hand throttle and the same size battery this range would not be possible", added Zimmermann.  A final highlight should be mentioned, 'Slope Support' . Independent of the selected mode,  'Slope Support' guarantees that the support of the motor automatically increases when riding up an incline. This makes it possible to ride up short uphill stretches without any problem. So those who take the emicro one as their new daily companion are sure to overcome the final lap to their destination, arriving with a smile on their faces and without breaking a sweat – as well as increasing their range in traffic-intensive urban jungles. Chic, clever, environmentally friendly and efficient, the emicro one is a truly powerful lifestyle product with an unbeatable fun factor! 

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