Michigan Entrepreneur Addresses Students at Westside Christian Academy Master Class Series

High school students at Westside Christian Academy learned what it takes to become a successful manufacturer and entrepreneur when Fred Calero, CEO of Apex Building Products, visited with students as part of the school's Master Class Series focusing on STEAM.

High school students at Westside Christian Academy learned welcomed entrepreneur Fred Calero, Co-Founder, CEO of Apex Building Products, to speak as part of the school’s Master Class Series focusing on STEAM. 

“My goal is to show how someone can achieve meaningful success in spite of obstacles and challenges in life,” Calero told the students. “Throughout my life people have said what you are trying to do is impossible, but God has taught me that it can be possible.”

Calero was formerly co-founder and COO of Enovate IT, a Michigan-based company that manufactured and sold mobile and wall-mounted clinical IT workstations. He sold the business in 2013, and has been involved in various entrepreneurial and investment activities since that time. 

Calero’s entrepreneurial success story began at age 16 when, like any other teenager, he wanted a car. Unable to afford one, he paid $300 for car without an engine then found a wrecked car with the engine intact. Armed with sheer determination he taught himself to replace the engine and get the car running, later selling it for $900, and his dream of becoming an entrepreneur took off.

“I’ve tried many times to be an entrepreneur and in the process, I’ve had failures,” he told the students. “It’s never easy or simple.” 

Carvell Goodlow, a senior at Westside said, “Fred helped me look at obstacles as something that is a stepping stone to take you where you want to go.”

"It's crucial that our students are equipped with the skills they need to compete in the real-world,” said Principal Henry Wells III. “We are showing them career possibilities in all areas of STEAM.”

Calero, who holds a BS in economics from California State University, told the students to get a degree, have big dreams and try. “Sometimes just doing something you like doing will get you started. I liked cars and that’s how I got started.”

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