MICHELIN® Sees Increase in Sales After MVTS Testing

New case study correlates sales increase to having industry-trusted fuel economy testing

MVT Solutions

MVT Solutions (MVTS) is widely known in the transportation industry for its cutting-edge fuel economy testing, as well as its leading product design and development services. The company’s certified test results consistently provide carriers with reliable, third-party information to make informed purchasing decisions. Most recently, MVTS tested the fuel economy of Michelin Energy Guard from Michelin Aerodynamic Solutions. The results led to an increase of product sales to fleets around the country.

“This was the best decision we could have made to help prove the value of our technology and it helped us move forward with fleets,” said Calvin Bradley, technical leader for Michelin Aerodynamic Solutions.

Since releasing the MTVS certified test results in an online report and video, a growing number of fleets have opted to purchase Michelin Energy Guard. These fleets noted that confidence in MTVS testing, as well as the proven effectiveness of Michelin Energy Guard as a system with enhanced performance and fuel savings benefits, weighed heavily in their purchasing decisions.

As part of the MVTS certified testing service, MVTS also offered continued promotion and support once testing was completed. The company worked to help fleets understand the Michelin technology from an unbiased source and show them the real-world implications for each carrier. This service, along with the accurate, reliable testing process, is one of the many reasons why product suppliers choose MVTS for fuel-efficiency testing.

“MVTS Certified testing has brought us a great deal of sales success because the improved rigor and precision of its methodology is recognized by the industry and therefore vastly superior for gaining fleet trust compared to any other third-party testing organization or test methods,” said Jason Koches, business development manager for Michelin Aerodynamic Solutions.

A full version of the Michelin case study can be downloaded at http://www.m-v-t-s.com/michelin-aerodynamic-solutions-realizes-sales-growth-with-mesilla-valley-transportation-solutions-mvts-certified-fuel-economy-testing.

About MVTS Solutions

MVT Solutions, a subsidiary of Mesilla Valley Transportation, provides fuel economy testing based on race car engineering.  This high-tech testing methodology can obtain accuracy up to 0.25% and accounts for such variables as wind, driver behavior and duty cycle. With nearly 500 fuel economy tests conducted to date, the company’s proven approach provides highly reliable and consistent data that enables trucking companies to make more informed choices and manufacturers to design and develop products backed by accurate fuel efficiency information that customers trust. MVT Solutions also provides consulting services to fleets looking to implement the right fuel-savings technologies for their operations.  MVT Solutions was founded in 2016 and is based in Las Cruces, New Mexico. To learn more about MVT Solutions and for the latest in fuel efficiency news, visit www.m-v-t-s.com.


Source: MVT Solutions