Michael Renna's New Book 'The Reading and Language Arts Formula' is a Perfect Companion for Teachers on Improving Student Performance and Achieving Academic Success

Fulton Books author, Michael Renna, a teacher of reading and language arts for over twenty years, has completed his most recent book "The Reading and Language Arts Formula": a thorough manual for teaching language arts that details effective strategies with an easy-to-follow formula. The author utilizes examples from literature, but not only that, he also provides a template for children to become better writers themselves. The strategies shared in this book are greatly important and useful for parents, teachers, and students.

Renna shares, "This book offers a formula project assignment designed to effectively improve student performance in the subject of Reading and Language Arts. You will be happy with the results! It can be used as a center activity in class, a project assignment, or just simply something that parents can monitor at home in order to strengthen their child's reading and language arts skills. As a project assignment, it takes roughly three weeks to complete. This assignment can be applied to almost any type of reading genre. It works best with story books. You may creatively add your own task and assignment ideas to the project to enhance its value. Grading and evaluating the project assignment can be performed at your own discretion. When your child or student fully completes the PQRK3SEC6 formula project, they will have exercised the following academic skills: surveying, inquiring, identifying, chronological sequencing, applying background knowledge, identifying the text structure, summarizing, essay writing (opinion/informative), comparing and contrasting, creative reasoning, critical reasoning, identifying the major components of a story, reflective writing, transitional writing, spelling, grammar, punctuation, making inferences, drawing conclusions, making predictions, extracting details/citing the text, providing sound evidence, explaining more fully in your own words, elaborating, and creating personalized illustrative artwork. As a bonus, this book offers several QR coded instructional videos where I personally teach the formal writing process. I include high scoring written student sample essays, and share several ELA learning strategies that yield great results. In final, I made sure to write a Spanish language version of this book, which is intended to be applied to that particular language. I conveniently combined both the English and Spanish versions all into one volume. This formula project is a great way that parents can take part in their child's academic improvement in school and connect with their child's teacher."

Published by Fulton Books, Michael Renna's academic road map helps educators to provide quality teaching strategies with its guided instruction and students to become excellent writers and thinkers.  

This book is a brilliant guide for anyone teaching reading and writing to learners of all ages.

Readers who wish to experience this extensive work can purchase "The Reading and Language Arts Formula" at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes and Noble.

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