Michael Equill's New Book 'E.aT.' Is an Exciting Adventure That Will Satisfy One's Cravings for Anything Interstellar

Fulton Books author Michael Equill, an Orthodox with a fiction and philosophy background, has completed his most recent book "E.aT.": an amusing record of a black man who did not hesitate to fight in order to save everyone in the world. With the help of Roy Ronalds' iPhone, he was given the opportunity to document this whimsical story. The author invites you to a mind-expanding tale that tackles the existence of parallel dimensions intertwined with practical jokes to humor the readers.

Equill shares, "In E.aT., Michael Equill takes his reader on a laughable ride whilst something not so funny surrounds about. It seems the main character, Tone, a black man (yes, BLM), goes through a series of horrendous situations at the betwixt of aliens, with Tone's gorgeous girlfriend Brianne at his side until CIA Agent Roy Ronalds, all five feet of him that is, steps in. As Tone is screened for his mental sanity, Ronalds gets wind of things and starts narrating the entire story onto his iPhone.

"And when Tone learns about what these aliens have been doing to humanity, it will drive you insane, but then Tone drives it sane again. In short, if you're looking for a riot to read about, try some of Equill's E.aT. and find the parallel dimension that aliens have been using against humans since almost the beginning. Let Tone help you with something good to eat."

Published by Fulton Books, Michael Equill's book is a fascinating sci-fi novel that highlights the oddly satisfying adventure of Tone, where he unfolds the longstanding conspiracies that the sentient beings do against humanity.

This is a perfect read for people who can't get enough of anything extraterrestrial.

Readers who wish to experience this spectacular work can purchase "E.aT." at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes & Noble.

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Source: Fulton Books