Michael Dean, of Studio69NYC, Launches New Foundation to Support Housing for Artists and Service Workers

Foundation will focus on housing and services for artists and service industry workers, as well as create employment opportunities

The Township Foundation

Michael Dean, in conjunction with The Township Foundation, today announced the formation of a new 501(c)3 nonprofit organization based in Manhattan (New York, NY, USA) to support housing projects for artists and service workers, which will build partnerships to create cross-sector, multi-faceted solutions to problems that require collective efforts and extend beyond the reach of any single agency or government office. These include challenges such as stable and local housing for artists and service industry workers, low-paying jobs, homelessness, and housing affordability.

"The last year and a half+ of COVID-19 has taught us so much about the inequity that exists for artists and service industry workers and just how fragile our financial systems are for people who help, serve, and create the experiences that make our lives better," said Michael Dean, President, and CEO of The New York-based foundation."So many people were impacted with the pandemic, and so many were left without any resources or even unemployment because of how these industries are often run. Many bars, restaurants, and other venues pay under the table, and so many are closed. It's devastated the community in so many ways."

"From grocery store workers to bartenders, to artists, we were all heavily impacted by the financial crisis the pandemic created, and too many people had to leave New York because of it," said Peter Cariola, board member for the foundation, and financial executive formerly of Morningstar, Inc. (Chicago, IL). "We need to create a community where the people who make our lives joyous, easier, and often times just bearable in times like this, are able to have reasonably priced housing that is sustainable and viable, even during a downturn."

"As part of this community building, we plan to employ many people to help support the communities we build and provide equitable salaries to those employees, thereby giving them an even greater stake in this effort," said Michael Dean. The benefit to local businesses is that staff have long-term, affordable safe housing, which allows them to continue to have a consistent staff and team who are able to flourish in the communities they help create.

Michael Dean (IG: @_Michael_Dean) is an internationally published photographer, model, writer, producer, and entrepreneur. His studio and office, Studio69NYC (IG: @studio69NYC), is located on the Upper West Side of New York. His work over the years has included an art gallery, floral shop, and production company in Chicago, which earned him a Congressional Medal of Distinction for Small business owner of the year in 2006. Michael Dean is also the President and founder of Dean Consulting, an IT and Change Management consulting firm, as well as the founder of Achieve Balance Life Coaching (www.AchieveBalance.life).

Contact: info@thetownshipfoundation.org

Source: The Township Foundation


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