Miami Beach Boutique Hotels Seek Artists for Exhibitions During Art Week

"Art is not what you see, but what you make others see" - Edgar Degas

Chris Friday In/Visible Men/d

Art is not simply brush strokes on a canvas, carefully carved clay, or a perfectly captured moment in time. It's a creation that silently speaks to beauty, anger, frustration, joy, equality and love. South Beach Group Hotels invite artists to enter for a chance to display their inventive collection at one of their Art Deco hotels during Miami Art Week 2022.

Local artists are encouraged, but all are welcomed the opportunity to transform South Beach Group's intimate boutique hotel spaces into a thought provoking gallery. Creatives will work with the Special Events Manager to realize their exhibit throughout the hotel in such areas as the lobby, rooftop, hallways, sitting area, and/or courtyard. 

Since reopening in 2020, South Beach Group has partnered with the Miami Beach Tourism & Culture Department for its No Vacancy cultural program. The program features temporary public art installations at Miami Beach's most famed hotels as art destinations. Participating hotels from their group included the Riviera Suites South Beach, Catalina Hotel and Beach Club, and Hotel Croydon

The collaboration between art deco and artist created such an elevated buzz of excitement and curiosity that South Beach Group has extended the opportunity outside of the No Vacancy program to include several additional hotels from their group. This affords more creatives to have their work viewed by hundreds of visitors and locals during one of the busiest weeks in Miami Beach. 

While they would love to display every artist's unique perspective of the world, there are only a few spaces available. Send portfolios for consideration to:

Jessica Santiago

Special Events Manager

Free to enter. Deadline: November 1, 2022, 11:59pm EST

About South Beach Group 

With 82 buildings and 20 hotels with over 1,500 rooms and growing, South Beach Group is currently the largest Independent hotel group in Miami Beach. Each of their boutique hotels, from a free-spirited hostel to 4-star luxury, has its own unique personality and style that continues to draw thousands of domestic and International travelers of all budgets year after year. South Beach Group hotels continue to lead the market in amenities, location, and value, not to mention being innovators in marketing, food & beverage, and hosting over-the-top events well-known throughout South Beach.

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Source: South Beach Group


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South Beach Group is currently the largest Independent hotel group in Miami. Each of our boutique hotels has its own unique personality and style that continue to draw thousands of domestic and international guests of all budgets year after year.