Miami-Based Private Equity Firm ARC PE is Expanding Its Reach

David Gordon and John Olsen, Managing Partners

With over 1 billion in value across assets in the United States, Panama, Caribbean, India and Nigeria, Miami-based private equity firm ARC PE is finishing 2018 strong.

While the company’s core strategy revolves around first lien and second lien mortgages (commercial and residential assets) throughout the United States, its primary aim in 2018 was to expand its footprint into the nontraditional asset space. ARC completed acquisitions domestically of over $500mm in sub- and non-performing second-lien mortgages. Internationally, ARC acquired a 55mm, 33mg watt solar farm in Central America as well as expanded investments into the Hospitality space. In Asia, ARC finished its last round of capitalization of four existing India toll road projects. In Nigeria, ARC provided capital and took an equity position in Africa Plus Partners (, a fund specific to small capped infrastructure and student housing.

“This expanded scope has paid big-time,” says David Gordon, ARC’s Managing Director. “I expect this non-traditional asset momentum to continue into 2019. Our pipeline reflects the opportunities primed for capitalization in these sectors.”

Complementing ARC’s acquisition activities is their sister company Yale Mortgage. It undertakes the origination of hard-money loans for a broad spectrum of investor needs. With loan amounts ranging between $200,000 and $3,000,000 dollars, competitive programs investors can rely on when it comes to their investment funding needs.

“Our recent asset acquisitions have helped us develop a streamlined and repeatable framework that will facilitate our involvement in more global projects going forward,” says Managing Director John Olsen.

ARC is a private equity company with a flexible approach to investing. Headquartered in Miami, Florida, the company was founded in 2004.

Unlike most firms, ARC undertakes and evaluates investment opportunities on individual merits, rather than a cookie-cutter, narrow-minded approach. This approach, plus the extensive experience of its partners in discovering value, enable the firm to spread their investment objectives across non-traditional asset classes.

What’s next for 2019?

The firm is venturing to expand their scope globally.

Source: ARC PE


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