MGD Acquisition to Acquire Griffo Distillery

Enhances Griffo Distillery’s position as a premier craft distillery of premium brand spirits

Griffo Distillery

Griffo Distillery, a leading craft distillery of premium branded spirits, is excited to announce its acquisition by MGD Acquisition, LLC (“MGD”). The acquisition by MGD is poised to scale Griffo Distillery’s presence in the market and extend its dedication to crafting high-quality spirits.

Griffo Distillery is recognized for merging craft and science to create award-winning gins, vodkas, whiskeys, liqueurs, and other spirits. The Distillery’s commitment to craftsmanship, sustainability, and the use of locally sourced ingredients sets it apart in the world of craft distilleries.

“We are excited to begin a new chapter at Griffo Distillery in conjunction with our partners that have a proven track record for growing successful and responsible businesses,” said founder Michael Griffo. Along with Jenny Griffo, the co-founder of Griffo Distillery, the Griffos will continue as significant owners of Griffo Distillery and transition into more focused roles tailored to the parts of the business they most love. Michael Griffo, the creator of all Griffo spirits, will focus on the art behind the liquid, allowing him time to create, perfect, and explore new expressions for everyone to enjoy. Jenny Griffo will continue to direct custom distilling partnerships with Griffo and deepen her work on behalf of Griffo in the beverage community.

MGD in partnership with the Griffos pledge to uphold Griffo Distillery’s craft legacy while facilitating growth and expansion. By acquiring Griffo Distillery, MGD aims to amplify the Distillery’s production and distribution capabilities in order to share Griffo’s unique craft spirits with a wider market while preserving the craft and quality that have defined it.

Griffo Distillery's new CEO, Will Maroun, expressed excitement about the opportunity, stating, "We are thrilled to join hands with Griffo Distillery. Our shared commitment to quality and involvement in the community align perfectly. This collaboration will empower Griffo Distillery to flourish while staying true to its heritage and the successful business that Michael and Jenny Griffo have built."

The acquisition by MGD signifies a promising future for Griffo Distillery, reinforcing the idea that craft distilleries can thrive while remaining true to their values. The collaboration between MGD and Mike and Jenny Griffo is set to scale Griffo Distillery’s brand nationally and deepen its leadership within the craft distilling industry.

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