Mfnames Provides A Dictionary Of Names Including Name Meanings And Name Origins includes a dictionary of names that answers many questions about name meanings and name origins. People all over the world are investigating the origin of names and meaning of names.

Bakersfield, CA ("masculine and feminine names") provides its readers with an impressive collection of meanings and the origin of names from all over the world. This dictionary of names is organized so that it can be researched by a few different methods, which makes it one of the most user-friendly sites of its kind; visitors can research names by alphabetical first letter, origin, meaning, or usage. This site offers rare information about the meaning of names from across the globe, covering thousands of names from all six of the civilized continents of the world.

There are many reasons why a person may be motivated to research the meaning or origins of names. Some people research their own names or the names of family and friends merely out of curiosity. This is a perfectly legitimate reason to go to a site like, but there are other, more pressing reasons to research names. For expecting parents, choosing a name for a new baby is a huge decision. While most parents try to choose a name that they think sounds nice, there are other important factors that they may want to consider: significance, meaning, heritage, or religious history. At, visitors can begin their name search by typing in a meaning or concept like "strength," "love," or "hope." The site then provides a list of male or female names that have the chosen name meanings. In other cases, parents may decide that they want a name that reflects a particular nationality or cultural heritage, like Celtic, South African, Yiddish, or Scandinavian. This site provides an option to search names by region / culture / nationality. This is a very valuable resource for anyone who is trying to make an educated decision about names, especially if the parents would like to find a name that will help them to preserve their family's ethnic or national identity.

In addition to parents choosing baby names, pet owners may want to use to select good names for their animals, perhaps a name that is appropriate for the species or breed. Perhaps one of the best uses of is the choosing of names for fictional characters. Writers of all kinds find themselves struggling to choose appropriate names for fictional characters, and this site can make that process much easier, especially when the character has a specific nationality or cultural background. Novelists, screen writers, cartoonists, and any other creative people who design characters may be able to make good use of the name origins available.

About offers an impressive name dictionary, including the origins and meaning of names from all over the world. This site is perfect for anyone who is choosing a name for a child or pet. For more information, visit



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