Meyer Partners New Website Launched

New Meyer Partners Website Offers Easy Navigation For New and Existing Clients.

Australian law firm Meyer Partners has launched a new website that offers easy navigation to connect clients with the information that they need. Details about divorce law and family law are a click away with the new website.

The homepage provides a brief overview of the law firm and its mission. Buttons along the top of the homepage and at the bottom of the page navigate to more detailed information that expands on the introduction. Potential clients can review the history of Meyer Partners and the individual lawyers working for the firm to learn more about credentials and achievements.

A detailed listing of the services provided by the law firm lets visitors
know if Meyer Partners provides the legal assistance that they need. Family law is the exclusive focus of the firm. A sampling of the services available from the office include divorce, parenting arrangements and child support.

The news desk that is accessible from the homepage provides up-to-date news related to family law. Examples of topics that have been featured include same-sex legislation, property settlement cases and releases of books written by firm partners.

One unique feature provided by the family law office is its international client services. The firm utilises international connections to provide services to people who are dealing with severed relationships that cross borders. Unique laws related to these relationships and the rights of each partner are understood by the legal professionals.

Legal resources that are accessible on the website connect visitors with an abundance of valuable information. People can learn more about where to gather paperwork when taking legal action, how to find low-cost or free legal services when a low-income family or individual needs legal help and how to get help when a relationship becomes abusive.

Contact information is easy to find on the new website. Telephone numbers, fax numbers and addresses are all available. Parking information is provided for clients who plan to visit the office in person.

About Meyer Partners

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