Mexico's Impact in the Hair Transplant Industry in 2022

Mexico has been named one of the most popular hair transplant destinations as reported by the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery.

Hair Center Mexico

Mexico has been named one of the most popular hair transplant destinations as reported by the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery. According to their census from 2022, Mexico ranks second on the amount of FUE hair transplant patients worldwide. Hair Center Mexico, a hair restoration clinic in Tijuana, confirms that it has one of the highest influx of American and Canadian tourists looking to get their hair restored. 

Mexico is a country that is always featured in rankings that involve health care, specifically cosmetic procedures like hair transplants. There are many reasons as to why Mexico is such a popular destination for hair restoration surgeries. Proximity, affordable prices, strong health infrastructure and astounding medical staff are what makes Mexico one of the top hair transplant destinations. 

Some of the highest quality hair transplant clinics are usually found in Tijuana, Mexico which is at the border with the United States. In other words, Mexico is a country that can be reached easily by car, short flights or even by bus. 

Getting a FUE hair transplant in Mexico is so affordable that many Americans opt for this option because it's more economical even with or without health insurance and there are usually no extra added hospital fees. 

The average FUE hair transplant surgery in Mexico is between $2,990 to $6,990 USD depending on the amount of grafts needed. 

The health infrastructure in Mexico consists of a public and private sector and a remarkable health care system. The great majority of private hospitals in Mexico are staffed by highly trained bilingual doctors and staff. In addition, the Mexican Ministry of Health expects all medical facilities to follow strict sanitation protocols to ensure the highest quality services. 

The medical staff in Mexico is highly qualified, most of them are bilingual and are used to dealing with international patients who are looking to get a FUE hair transplant surgery done or other medical treatments. 

Many of the surgeons and doctors in Mexico have studied and trained abroad and are recognized by national and international health entities and/or certified by them which means that their working standards are of the utmost quality and comply with international standards. 

Mexico has a high success rate  in the industry in terms of FUE and FUT hair transplants leaving patients satisfied with their successful results and positive surgical experiences.

These are some of the reasons why Mexico has become a popular destination for FUE hair transplants and why the market continues to expand and improve. 

Source: Hair Center Mexico


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