Metropolis Charity Events Team Takes a Network Road Trip

The team from Metropolis Charity Events, a leading outreach firm, recently hit the road for a trip to San Francisco. There they met with people in different offices, learned new techniques, and formed strong connections.

"There's nothing quite like a travel opportunity to bring our team together," said Brian, Metropolis Charity Events' President. "San Francisco is an awesome city to visit, with so many diverse cultures and beautiful scenery. It was truly an adventure for all of us."

As Brian noted, the purpose of the road trip was for the Metropolis Charity Events team to visit other offices and network with the leaders in the industry. "We met with a number of people who have excelled in outreach for nonprofits," he said. "There are so many ways in which we can connect with likeminded people in our communities and encourage them to be part of a movement to keep kids safe and off the streets. At each office, we learned something new that works for them and we look forward to implementing some of these ideas here in Burbank."

Perhaps the most significant benefit of this travel opportunity was the impact it had on team members overall. "Traveling together brought us closer as a team," Brian explained. "I can't stress enough how important it is for us to get along because it sets the stage for a solid work environment. When we work well as a group, the results are overwhelming."

Metropolis Charity Events' President on the Learning Benefits of Company Travel

As Brian noted, Metropolis Charity Events provides travel opportunities whenever possible because of the growth potential each one offers team members. "Our culture is about professional and personal development," he said. "Travel exposes us to new experiences in terms of what knowledge we can acquire. Our team learned a lot about networking and about how other offices operate and are successful."

"To be good leaders, we need to observe others in action," he added. "The more exposure we have to different leadership styles, the more practices we can incorporate in our own managerial approaches. Each individual injects his or her leadership with what comes natural to him or her, so it's good for us to see how others who might share our styles handle different situations."

Brian concluded, "I'm grateful that we can travel as a team and bring this wealth of insights back to our office. This is the type of learning that lets us grow and thrive as a company and as individuals."

About Metropolis Charity Events:

Metropolis Charity Events was formed by people who raise their voices to amplify the messages of change agents. Their team is a POWerful force in starting conversations that spark interest in the life-changing work of the nonprofits and social good organizations they represent. With diverse backgrounds and shared interest in championing social issues, these people strive daily to build awareness for great causes. Their efforts are strengthened through ongoing learning that keeps them ahead of industry trends. Learn more about the work Metropolis Charity Events does by visiting their website at

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