Metro New York Property Manager CA White on Top of COVID-19 Occupancy Changes Due to Partnering With Budderfly on Energy Efficiency Upgrades

CA White, a Northeast commercial property manager and developer with assets from New York City to Southern Connecticut, and Budderfly, a leading energy management outsourcing company, have achieved an almost 40% reduction in energy use following the completion of major energy efficiency upgrades and installation of new control systems at the Hamden Center II complex near New Haven, Connecticut.

Budderfly invested over $250,000 of its own capital funds to complete the project, with CA White contributing nothing but their time to approve the comprehensive plan presented to them and for their building staff to learn the new systems.

The Hamden Center II project began in Spring 2018, when Budderfly was tasked by CA White with modernizing the 34-year-old property’s systems to drastically increase energy efficiency, simplify operation, improve monitoring and control, and create a superior tenant experience. These goals were fully achieved by March 2020.

An unexpected side benefit was the usefulness of the granular system controls provided as part of the Budderfly upgrade. CA White discovered the importance of this powerful feature when COVID-19 turned their normal operating routine upside down, and the need arose to shut down many parts of the complex during the daytime based on new use patterns.

Energy use was down over 35% by the beginning of 2020, on target to save over 400 MWhs of energy. With the unexpected developments after the middle of March, when Connecticut’s Governor shut down the state to non-essential businesses, Budderfly was able to push energy savings to over 50% even during a very cold early Spring.

Budderfly provides 100% of the capital to install, maintain, and monitor the energy efficiency upgrades at the Hamden Center II complex, reflecting the company’s innovative business model. The technology and expertise provided by Budderfly guaranteed that CA White would see usage and cost reductions throughout the length of their relationship to provide shared benefits for both companies.

Michael Schaffer, the head of CA White’s Commercial Real Estate said, “With Budderfly providing all of the capital, we were able to upgrade and modernize for efficiency immediately, not slowly over the course of years. That also meant an immediate cut in our energy spend – particularly in lighting. The state-of-the-art ability to manage & monitor energy and climate control dramatically improved our ability to manage the building while also improving our tenant environments. But, it wasn’t until the COVID-19 development that we really understood the benefits of granular controls over every square foot of the building. As tenants reduced their short-term occupancy we could respond immediately.”

“We don’t believe our customers should have to spend their own money to go green and save,” said Al Subbloie, Budderfly founder & CEO. “And that could be a commercial client like CA White, a franchise restaurant owner, or even a school system or a community college. By managing all of the technology, guaranteeing the results, and providing 100% of the capital, Budderfly ensures that our customers enjoy all the benefits with none of the risk and hassle of a typical energy efficiency project.”

About Budderfly

Founded in 2007 and headquartered in Shelton, CT, Budderfly brings an innovative approach to the emerging Energy Efficiency as a Service (EEaaS) market. The company provides advanced software, patented energy Internet of Things (IoT) measurement and control devices, and numerous facility components and upgrades, including premium interior and exterior LED lighting, HVAC controls, variable frequency drives, and specialized refrigeration controls, all of which deliver significant energy savings with no cost to Budderfly customers.

About CA White

C.A. White, Inc. is a full-service real estate firm based in Downtown New Haven. Founded in 1950, we possess over sixty-five years of real estate experience, which includes the management of a portfolio of apartment buildings in New Haven, many near Yale, and tens of millions of dollars' worth of commercial transactions.

Matthew Nemerson, Vice President Budderfly


Source: Budderfly


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