METRICLE and NewsHedge Partner to Deliver Real-Time Actionable Financial Information

Robust Solutions Focused on Early Event Detection and Sentiment Analysis

METRICLE and NewsHedge have teamed up to deliver real-time market-moving information that helps drive instantaneous financial decision making. The result of this newly established relationship is an inventive new solution that enhances  and accelerates the ways in which individuals and institutions discover actionable financial market information.

METRICLE, the leading provider of Big Data Analytics to financial institutions, has integrated market-moving alerts generated by NewsHedge to enhance their powerful context-curation platform. METRICLE’s real-time context-curation technology turns data from Twitter, major wires, SEC filings, blogs, and other top informational sources into actionable alerts—with a primary focus on early event detection and sentiment analysis.

"Our new software solution enables the global financial community to discover actionable, relevant market information—first."

Mihir Dange

Chief Business Officer

NewsHedge, a self-learning, self-adjusting market scanning technology that uses direct access exchange feeds for tracking 6,000+ assets in search of unusual price and volume velocities is an optimal partner for METRICLE.

“This collaboration provides users with real-time, actionable alerts about breaking financial news, while relating information about price aberrations" said Mihir Dange, co-founder and Chief Business Officer of METRICLE. “Our new software solution enables the global financial community to discover actionable, relevant market information—first."

Kevin Evenhouse, NewsHedge founder and CEO, referenced his excitement at combining two best-in-class detection and filtering technologies. “Combining NewsHedge’s market-moving events with METRICLE’s real-time context delivers a powerful experience unlike anything available today. It’s exciting to give the industry such a powerful new solution.”



METRICLE is a financial data analytics company that leverages machine learning, social network analysis, natural language processing, and time series analysis to detect market-moving events in real time. The company’s automated technology curates Twitter, SEC filing, major wires, price feeds, blogs, chat rooms, and news outlets, and transforms hundreds of gigabytes of data into actionable alerts.  To learn more, visit To request a demo, email

About NewsHedge:

NewsHedge is a Chicago-based FinTech development group that provides cost effective, high-impact software solutions for the global financial community. Comprised of traders, designers, developers, and marketers, NewsHedge is hyper-focused on pioneering new software that helps professionals better navigate financial news and market events. To learn more, visit


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METRICLE is a financial data analytics company that leverages machine learning, social network analysis, natural language processing, and time series analysis for detecting real-time market-moving events and and related sentiments.

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