Metoree, One of the Largest Manufacturing Database Sites in Japan, Will Be Expanding to the United States of America

United States of America Expansion of 'Metoree,' an industrial product comparison database site

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Metoree, an industrial product information site for engineers/researchers operated by ZAZA Corporation (Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan), is pleased to announce that Metoree has finally started its U.S. expansion. Metoree allows users to compare all industrial product manufacturers at once. Currently, there are approximately 5,300 categories, including analyzers, relays, robots, cables, and more, with more to be added in the future.

Metoree's Current Use in Japan

Metoree is currently one of the largest manufacturing industry database sites in Japan. With approximately 30,000 companies currently registered on the site, it continues to grow quickly. Many of their users have long been satisfied with the ease with which they can compare products. 

Announcement and Future Development

They are pleased to announce that "Metoree" has finally started its U.S. expansion. They have decided to expand their business overseas to solve the problems faced by the manufacturing industry not only in Japan but also in the world. Many companies in the U.S. would like to introduce their products to the U.S. market, which is where they have started this expansion. In addition to the U.S. launch, Metoree will continue to strive to become the world's largest database site for the manufacturing industry with 10 million users.

Project Background

Metoree is a website that was launched with the desire to solve the problems facing the manufacturing industry in Japan today. They recognize that the manufacturing industry currently faces several marketing challenges, including: (1) the inability to exhibit at trade shows and conduct face-to-face sales activities due in part to Corona, and (2) the lack of specialized online marketing personnel. And they launched Metoree to solve those problems. They have received very positive feedback from many of the companies currently registered with them in Japan. 

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