Methane Emissions Data Now Available on Bloomberg Enterprise Access Point

The first real-world methane emissions ratings of energy producers using satellite remote sensing

Observed Methane Emissions of Top Energy Producers: Last 12 Months

Geofinancial Analytics is pleased to announce that MethaneScan® 100, the first real-world methane emissions ratings of energy producers, is now available to Data License customers via the Bloomberg Enterprise Access Point as a part of its Alternative Data Catalog.

"Methane emissions are a material risk for the energy sector - and for us all," says Mark Kriss, CEO of Geofinancial Analytics. "That's why MethaneScan® 100 is so important. It reveals gaps in self-reported emissions of the top 100 energy producers worldwide using satellite remote sensing."

Bloomberg Data License clients can acquire and immediately access the MethaneScan® 100 dataset through Bloomberg Enterprise Access Point's web-based marketplace. 

Access MethaneScan® 100 on Bloomberg Enterprise Access Portal

The MethaneScan® 100 dataset can be used by financial professionals to improve risk levels, asset allocation, overall profitability and help meet ESG/sustainability targets. Early adopters of MethaneScan® 100 can benefit from first mover advantage, including opportunities for alpha investment returns vs. benchmarks and risk avoidance. For example, financial professionals can use real-world emissions ratings to add value to security selection, and inform rebalancing weights and timings, corporate engagement and proxy voting."

"The recent COP26 meeting in Glasgow featured tangible commitments on methane reduction by countries around the world. MethaneScan® 100 is a critical tool for the financial and energy sectors to help meet those commitments," says Geofinancial co-founder and Chief Scientist, Jessica Hellmann, who also leads an academic think tank dedicated to environmental solutions. 

Bloomberg Enterprise Access Point is Bloomberg's web-based data marketplace that allows Data License clients to easily discover, access and immediately use high-quality, market-leading content from both Bloomberg and third-party providers. Bloomberg continues to expand its alternative data offering, allowing Bloomberg clients to access a catalogue of curated alternative data, uniquely positioned to provide insights in today's market environment.

About Geofinancial Analytics, Inc.

Geofinancial Analytics® is a science-driven benefit corporation whose civic mission is to accelerate capital flows from climate stressors (like methane super emitters in energy & food supply chains) to more sustainable solutions by informing decisions and business practices with transparent, objective facts. Leveraging an advanced satellite-powered remote sensing platform, Geofinancial helps investment professionals, insurers and energy producers innovate and align with climate targets.

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