Metapsis, the Cloud Mining Game-Changer, Launched to Buoy the Industry


Metapsis, the first cloud mining platform sporting 1:1 pegged to real-world running machines, driven by its vision - create new crypto riches, debuts today its brand-new logo and User Interface to better serve a global clientele.

Currently, Bitcoin stands above 45,000 US dollars, yet the overall cost of mining one Bitcoin is approximately 10,000 US dollars, and that makes the cost of mining one Bitcoin merely 10%-20% of buying one; that is to say, cloud mining will probably be the only way to obtain the new-era digital gold at a discount.

Why Metapsis?

Metapsis, since the founding year, has managed and operated at a more than 4,000 PH/s hashrate (accounting for 3% of the overall Bitcoin hashrate network at its peak), with the uptime and the compliance rate up to 99% and of 105%, respectively.

Secondly, Metapsis boasts a veteran team with profound experience that is composed of nearly 100 maintenance personnel around the globe generating 24/7 O&M services for 10+ mining facilities. Metapsis is committed to providing a user-friendly and handy SaaS service platform for business partners who pursue commercial opportunities in cryptocurrency and has distributed a more than 1,000 PH/s mining hashrate via its network of business partners.

In addition, Metapsis, due to its global layout and risk diversification system, will continue to expand, especially in countries and regions with rich electricity resources such as North America, Kazakhstan, Russia, and Europe to ensure streamline operations of mining assets across the planet, and as a result, no single policy of one specific region is going to jeopardize the overall stability of the platform and the asset security of its clients.

What's more? As the issue of how Bitcoin mining will resort to the green energy come under the spotlight more than ever, Metapsis, being itself an environmental advocate of its kind, sticks to generating Bitcoin via multiple choices of energy: other than the traditional source of coal, hydropower, natural gas, wind power, and photovoltaics are also pursued source of energy by Metapsis. Metapsis rides the global trend of reducing carbon emissions and will incrementally expand its green energy-powered mining capacity to as much as 100,000 kilowatts.

When it comes to the asset security of users, backed by an invincible IT team, Metapsis adopts offline storage, two-step verification, encrypted SSL traffic operation, and 100% reserve banking scheme to provide both retail and institutional users with state-of-the-art asset security safeguarded by an Internet banking-like system.

Chances are that one has tried cloud mining before; Metapsis, this time around, will absolutely upgrade users' mining experience to another level. 

Source: Metapsis