Metal to Acquire Crumbs Technologies Inc.

Acquisition Brings Innovative Micro Investing App to Metal

Metal today announced it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Crumbs (Crumbs Technologies Inc.), an innovative micro investing app that allows users to invest in digital assets. The addition of Crumbs will seamlessly integrate into the ecosystem of Metal, delivering a single platform that not only rewards people for P2P transactions within Metal Pay, but also helps them invest in several types of digital assets with the Crumbs app.

In a world where many people are interested in digital assets, but only a few are able to invest comfortably, Crumbs allows its users to set aside spare change from daily purchases and use it to create their very own digital assets portfolio. Crumbs offers a user-friendly way to keep up with and invest in digital asset markets.

Metal is leading the way in designing and delivering a platform that makes digital assets accessible for the entire world. At the center of this platform is the belief that money should work for people and people shouldn’t work for money. To this end, Metal reimagines money for those who want to create a better world.

Touching on Metal’s vision for the future, CEO of Metal, Marshall Hayner said, “The current financial system excludes people from really exciting opportunities and that’s why I am so excited about the Crumbs acquisition. We are eager to put this opportunity in every person’s hands and allow anyone to be involved in this new financial system... and have a seat at the table.”

“We are thrilled to join forces with Metal and provide retail investors with the ultimate on-ramp into the new financial world of digital assets and investments,” said Patrick Mrozowski, CEO of Crumbs. “Together, Metal and Crumbs will build a suite of products to attract more newcomers into blockchain.”

Crumbs will continue to operate independently within Metal and will co-launch with Metal’s flagship product Metal Pay in the summer.

About Crumbs Technologies Inc.

Crumbs Technologies Inc. combines the power of micro-investing with the performance of digital assets in their app, Crumbs. Crumbs lets users invest in digital assets with their spare change from credit and debit cards. This game-changing app allows users to set aside spare change from daily purchases into their own customizable indexes of digital assets. Learn more at

About Metal

Metal is reimagining money by putting digital assets in the hands of every person in the world. By creating an ecosystem of products, Metal meets the needs of all types of users. Whether you are completely new to digital assets, or are a seasoned investor, Metal’s portfolio of products makes it simple, enjoyable and rewarding to participate in the new financial system. For more information, visit



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