MetaCommunications Enhances Its Online Proofing Solution with a New Text Selection Tool

The new text-editing capabilities in Approval Manager improve collaboration and comprehension within the PDF proofing workflow.

MetaCommunications' Approval Manager continues to be an innovative leader in the online proofing industry with the addition of a powerful new PDF text selection tool to improve the online review and approval process.

Reviewers now have a unique tool that creates a faster and cleaner review cycle. Some of the specific benefits include:

* Reviewers can highlight text directly on the proof to provide specific feedback on the content, font, size, color, location, etc.

* Reviewers can choose to remove or replace text with new text. The deletion is marked with a strikethrough.

* When reviewers add new text to the creative, an insertion arrow is displayed on the proof, providing clarity to the exact placement of the additional text.

These additional features improve collaboration and comprehension within proofs, especially text-heavy PDFs in an editorial workflow.

The text selection feature is the first of many Approval Manager feature updates planned for this year. Next up will be a new release of Approval Manager that will include a second generation HTML5-based proofing tool and a host of new innovative features aimed at providing customers with the most cutting edge online proofing solution in the business.

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