Metabolic Media Enters Canadian Cannabis Market, Partners With C3 Agency to Form New Cannabis Division

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Metabolic Media Inc. ("Metabolic" or the "Company"), a full-service sales and marketing agency, specializing in the beverage alcohol industry and proudly representing premium brands from around the world, is pleased to announce that it has executed an agreement with C3 Agency Ltd. ("C3") to enter the Canadian cannabis industry and form a new division entirely dedicated to serving the fast-pace, high-growth cannabis market. Recently engaged to represent brands developed by Cannabis Manufacturer's Guild Ltd. and its affiliates, C3 is actively exploring relationships with other brands, manufacturers, and retailers to round out its selective portfolio strategy. 

The new cannabis division features a national retail sales team and will also assist clients with all aspects of commercialization including: 

  • Product Development
  • Go-To-Market Strategy
  • National Retail Sales Account Management
  • Trade Marketing, Education, & Experiential Brand Building
  • Distribution (Recreational, Medical, & Wholesale)
  • Business Intelligence and Forecasting
  • Third-party Logistics Fulfillment 
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Customer Service

C3 adds value through every step of the product lifecycle by offering a turnkey solution upstream for brand development and commercialization, and downstream by bridging the gap to retailers and customers. Led by industry veterans Cartel Cutler and Lenny Kerman, the new division will leverage the vast infrastructure Metabolic has already established in another highly regulated industry, craft beverage alcohol.

"The cost of building your own sales, marketing, and commercialization team can be enormous. You may be formulating the best product on the market, but if you can't afford to get it into consumers' hands, all of that is pointless," said Lenny Kerman, Vice-President of Cannabis Sales and Business Development. "Our small team collectively has over two decades of experience navigating the legal cannabis market. We know the ins and outs of what is going to work and what won't." 

"With the number of dispensaries across the country currently approaching 3,000, and with an increasing number of brands being built, smaller sales teams who don't have the training to differentiate products and articulately convey the brand narrative, nor the scale to cover the increasing retailer-territory demand will struggle," said Cartel Cutler, Vice-President of Cannabis Operations and Product Strategy. "We bring a fresh perspective and authentic predisposition to cannabis brands by treating them as if they were our own and focusing on foundational category knowledge to empower retail staff to sell more products, increase average basket size, and ultimately, have much happier customers."

"After careful consideration, Metabolic management feels that our experience operating the largest craft spirits agency in Ontario lends extremely well to the cannabis market," said Michael Gardiner, Co-Founder of Metabolic Media. "We noticed that the major licensed producers were not necessarily the ones making waves with the consumers. That disconnect leads us to believe there is an opportunity with the micro, small, and medium-sized producers looking to increase their footprint in the market."

Sales Inquiry Contact:
Lenny Kerman
VP of Cannabis Sales and Business Development

Source: Metabolic Media Inc.

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