MESH/diversity Launches Custom-Designed DEI Builder Certification Program

Unique DEI approach supports the creation of more inclusive and equitable organizations

MESH/diversity, a leading science-based Diversity, Equity and Inclusion organization, has launched an online certification program, DEI Builder, to empower DEI and HR professionals to build inclusion strategies that are systemic, scalable and sustainable.

The DEI Builder program offers an annual membership with unlimited access to MESH/diversity's platform, expert-led live sessions and on-demand learning. Members kick off the program with a three-week online sprint, so they can level up their skills as they build DEI programs within their own organizations. Membership also includes access to an online community where participants can connect with others who are on the same journey.

The program was developed for HR and DEI professionals grappling with how to drive meaningful organizational change. MESH Co-founder Dr. Leeno Karumanchery understands this struggle all too well: "The main reason for this challenge is that many leaders have previously relied on well-meaning, but unqualified individuals to provide one-off Diversity Training, and that's not only a waste of time and resources, but it can be harmful." He adds, "I've seen the results of this, and bringing in inexperienced professionals can severely harm the culture of any organization. With DEI Builder, you get the support you need to successfully lead the charge with effective, measurable plans; raise DEI issues in a productive way; and build safer, healthier cultures." 

The on-demand nature of the program allows participants to have control over their learning experience and schedule - determining how and when they want to invest their time in the course. Upon completion, participants will be certified. 

Program content focuses on DEI topics ranging from organizational development to promoting safety, inclusion and belonging. The program offers a forward-looking perspective to DEI, as well as recognizing and unpacking historical approaches. To do so, MESH has obtained exclusive rights to the 1996 Award Winning documentary Blue Eyed, featuring diversity educator Jane Elliott. Renowned for her unorthodox exploration of the social construct of discrimination, Elliott has conducted thought-provoking workshops and trainings around the globe over the past 50 years

Implementing an impactful and effective DEI program has never been more critical for businesses of all sizes. Dr. Karumanchery sees the increased relevance and application of these lessons, as more recent social movements - like #MeToo and Black Lives Matter - continue to shape and drive DEI efforts across all sectors. 

Dr. Karumanchery added, "To do DEI right, we need to recognize one thing: human beings are complex. Emotions are at the heart of all human behaviour, and any approach to rupturing this system requires that we give people not just the ability to support change but the impetus to do so. It's for this reason that the science of Emotional Intelligence underpins everything we do at MESH. Through the DEI Builder program, we're supporting our learners to be the best they can be for all team members, so everyone can thrive."

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Source: MESH/diversity

About MESH/diversity

MESH/diversity is the world’s only scalable DEI solution.  With a powerful software platform that combines science-based insights and metrics with personalized and interactive training and consulting, MESH drives meaningful and measurable action and change. In addition to the company’s proprietary Diversity Intelligence™ platform, MESH provides safety, belonging, and inclusion benchmark data to help organizations understand and develop their culture; where they are, where they want to go, and how to best get there.  MESH supports real, lasting change that embeds DEI by meeting people and organizations where they are.

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