MESH Automation Evolves from MESH Engineering

Well-established engineering services company, MESH has re-branded its name and launched a fresh new interactive website

MESH Automation (, originally founded as MESH Engineering in 1999, has grown slowly and systematically, maintaining its focus and total dedication to its core competencies relating to the design, build and service of industrial processes and equipment.

From the very beginning, MESH has offered customers the opportunity to work with a team of specialists including talented designers, engineers, machinists, electricians, panel builders, and technicians, regardless of the size of the customer’s project. Knowing they have built a company that is vertically integrated and technically very, very strong, they can afford to put their customers first and ensure all will benefit from a return on investment made.

Engineering is still vital to the MESH business, but automated solutions have also become a priority. We wanted our brand to reflect all of our expanding capabilities.

Mitch Larson, President of MESH Automation

The company’s expertise stretches over a number of diverse industries from food and beverage, medical devices, pharmaceuticals and life sciences, to energy and aerospace. Their specialization lies in designing and building custom manufacturing equipment, especially solutions that are automated or robotic.

Unlike many other firms of this kind, MESH Automation will install the equipment they have designed and manufactured, and even offers start-up and training for their clients.

The New MESH Name

The new MESH name says it all … Automation.

The engineers at MESH know that automated factories are more efficient, and therefore more cost effective, than those that use manual labor and machines that must be operated manually.

Mitch Larson, President of MESH Automation, comments on the decision to update the company name, “Engineering is still vital to the MESH business, but automated solutions have also become a priority. We wanted our brand to reflect all of our expanding capabilities.”

The New MESH Website

Interactive and informative, the new MESH website invites customers to learn more about their innovative approaches to automation.

Core competencies are key to the success of MESH Automation, and these are all explained and discussed so that customers can identify with and use these to leverage their own businesses.

The company’s focus on factory service and support is highlighted with pages dedicated to several niche areas including its build to print capabilities and reverse engineering skills.

A full profile of MESH is also available on the new website.

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