Mergix Web App - One Solution to Get Rid of Duplicate Contacts Everywhere: iPhone, Android, Outlook and More

4Team Corporation announces the official release of Mergix ( The new Cloud App is designed to change the way we deal with numerous duplicate contacts across all devices and services.

4Team Corporation, a major player on the market for duplicate management solutions, has just released a new cloud app Mergix, an innovative service to quickly remove contact duplicates across multiple devices and email accounts: Android, iPhone, Outlook, Gmail, as well as - Dynamics CRM, Exchange, Google Apps, Office 365, iCloud and other business services.

Most people are familiar with the frustration of trying to find a contact in plenty of duplicates and useless entries that lack information. People are searching for a name in their contact list, but the search returns 5 results with the same name. Which one to call?

"Mergix will change the way we deal with duplicate contacts. It is a simple and elegant solution."

The Creators of Mergix

“One problem we see frequently is that people have multiple types of accounts plugged into their phone, all with overlapping contacts”, say the creators of an app, "Mergix will change the way we deal with duplicate contacts. It is a simple and elegant solution."

Mergix is offering a whole new approach to the problem.

1. It de-clutters a contact list from the roots – by scanning and cleaning contact duplicates from each of contact source (Google, iCloud, Outlook, Exchange)

2. It compares contact data across multiple sources and detects contact duplicates, junk entries, and similar contacts for merging.

3. Once the cleanup is complete, Mergix syncs the latest contact updates back to the sources, making contact list look identical on each device.

Mergix is a web app, easily accessible online, so there is no need to install it on every device. Users can create an account on and organize their contacts anywhere they go.

Mergix Freemium allows removing duplicate contacts on one device only.

For advanced cleanup on unlimited devices and services, Paid Subscription (for a day/month/year) is available.

Pricing for the unlimited contact duplicate remover version starts at $3.33 a month.

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