Merger and Acquisition Activity is Heating Up in the Office Technology Space

Leo Bonetti

​FlexPrint, in partnership with Oval Partners, have created an acquisitive partnership model that is unique and attractive that can be seen by the hyper-growth of the Flex Technology Group.

Merger and acquisition activity in the office technology industry is heating up, and there are several important factors contributing to increased M&A activity. There’s no secret that print is on the decline in corporate America, so gains in market share become the focal point for growth. Office technology manufacturers (OEMs) have been migrating their marketing and sales efforts to expand and support their dealer base, and dealers are trying to expand their scope and geographic footprint to gain economies of scale.

Patricia Ames, senior analyst for BPO Media, which publishes The Imaging Channel magazine recently wrote an article with Leo Bonetti, founder and chairman emeritus of Flo-Tech, to talk more about why this was a good move for them specifically and how they see the office technology channel evolving going forward. 

"One of the more interesting stories in the industry lately involves the influx of new capital from private equity and venture capital groups. Investments have followed a rainbow of different models, but the impact is undeniable. Capital spurs growth and growth is becoming more and more elusive in the channel," states Patricia Ames, President and Analyst at BPO Media. "FlexPrint has been at this game longer than most, and one of the recent dealerships to join the Flex Technology Group team are the MPS specialists at Flo-Tech out of New England. I had the opportunity to sit down with Leo Bonetti, founder and chairman emeritus of Flo-Tech, to talk more about why this was a good move for them specifically and how they see the channel evolving going forward."

"It is exciting to be part of the Flex Technology Group executive team. Even though we generate over $250 million in revenue, the enthusiasm and excitement make it feel like a start-up organization," said Leo Bonetti, founder and chairman emeritus of Flo-Tech.  "Each core company operation is run independently, but we share ideas across all companies to help each of us improve our results and to create and provide more opportunities for our employees. I love that I get the information and support and I have to admit that the competitiveness of being ranked against the other companies in the group makes me want to be at the top of the charts. It's what many companies get from peer groups, only this is on steroids because each of you are stockholders in the company, so you have a shared vested interest."

To read the interview, click here - Q&A with Leo Bonetti

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