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The team inculcated, into students, the importance of career counselling and how it should be seen as an investment into their careers, in similar fashion to schooling and tuition. Article Written by Ishan Bairoliya visited Happy School, New Delhi with the objective to provide students in classes 10th to 12th with an understanding into career counselling. The team interacted with hundreds of inquisitive students, asking “what is career counselling?” and “how it can be beneficial to me?”

The team firstly interacted with students from class 10. Many of these students had ideas of which stream to take in class 11, but were not sure if they had made the right decision or if the stream was right for them. The team advised these students to take their ‘Stream Suggestor Test’, a type of psychometric assessment, which measures the interests and aptitudes of students through standardised questions. These were created by with the help of expert psychologists. The outcome of this test is presented in a report, which clearly defines where the student’s interest lay, and subsequently, which stream would best suit them.

The second round of students came from class 11 and 12. The team were surrounded with students who had already chosen their stream, but like students from 10th class, many were confused whether they had made an informed decision. The team suggested that these students take the ‘Ideal Career Test’.

This test investigates the interests of the student as well as what motivates them to work. Aptitude is also measured in many forms, such as: numerical ability, verbal aptitude and spatial aptitude. After this assessment is completed, students can instantly download the report, which informs them of areas that they are strong in, and areas which they have potential to improve on. The team impressed upon the students that the improvement points were not criticisms, but targets to reach, in order to become more successful and more employable.

The final page of the report outlines three career sectors, which are most suited towards the personality and aptitude of the student. Many of the students from Happy School expressed comfort that this page would give them reassurance that they have chosen the correct stream to match their career preference and interest.

The team explained that the most beneficial way that students should use its career counselling platform is by taking advantage of everything has to offer. From initial psychometric testing to a thorough telephonic call with an expert career counsellor, and with further advice possible through written queries, the student would obtain the best personal career counselling advice.

Moreover, students also learned that by talking to expert career counsellors, which provides the opportunity to do, they could gain comfort in knowing that they can make an informed decision, with regards to which stream to take and which route is the best suited to lead them from their current position to their ideal job.

Furthermore, the distributed a career planning kit to students. This kit included three brochures that further provided informative material, such as information of vocational careers, new age careers which are rapidly gaining popularity as well as a self-career counselling guide that can easily identify which stream or subject is needed to pursue a certain career. A coupon card was also included in this kit, so that the students could take their choice of Psychometric Career Assessment and a telephonic counselling session at home.

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