Mental Health News Radio Network is Proud to Be Affiliated With the Founders of ZenCharts; Dan and Sean Callahan and Rick Glaser

Mental Health News Radio is proud to announce that ZenCharts now supports not only MHNR but also our Network of Podcasters.

Mental Health News Radio is proud to announce that ZenCharts now supports not only MHNR but also our Network of Podcasters. ZenCharts, a behavioral health electronic health record company, have been supporters of MHNR since they started their podcast venture four years ago. They have always believed in a common mission of destigmatizing mental illness. MHNR continues to have faith in the professionalism, efficiency, and integrity that Zencharts brings to the table. Their customer service is bar none. ZenCharts is built to go beyond standard data collection. Their intelligence has deep analytical capabilities that enable better decision-making and improved outcomes. It will optimize workflow efficiencies by using automation and intelligent notifications via a world class-user interface and a robust set of proprietary features and delivers the perfect chart every time. On the surface, it’s easy to believe that an EHR is nothing more than a record of important information. However, with a deeper look, something else proves to be true: the right system can compute information in a way that provides both the provider and patient with benefits.

CEO of everythingEHR states “ZenCharts has the most beautiful and user-friendly user interface of any EHR on the market in or outside of behavioral health.” ZenCharts is so easy to use. It's simple, clean and intuitive. They understand how important all data is as it relates to program goals, effectiveness, and insurance reimbursement. For that reason, their development team continues to stay on top of the latest security trends to ensure the privacy of data, along with those their users serve. ZenCharts Co-founder, Dan Callahan shares “Our goal was and continues to be to provide an awesome Clinical, Medical and Behavioral Health agency tool to assist with providing the highest standard of care possible. All of that at a great value!” ZenCharts has a larger engineering team than all their competitors combined, every one of them. They invest in engineering, not sales teams. They take pride in that and have quickly amassed large feature sets to help optimize each and every customers charting.

In one of Co-Founder Sean Callahan’s latest blog articles he writes “ZenCharts takes the time to train all our customers on how to use their software. This way, there are no questions or concerns regarding the learning curve or employee backlash. While there may be some fears associated with EHR software, none of these are good enough reasons to avoid this technology. The benefits far outweigh any potential drawbacks.” The dedication ZenCharts has towards their product and their customers is exemplary which is why MHNR Network is so incredibly proud to call them sponsors!

MHNR network is made up of authors, counselors, technologists, and advocates with one common thread: Mental Health. These professionals come together to spread awareness of how mental health affects physical, mental, sexual, spiritual, technological, and financial areas of individual’s lives. Each MHNR network host has a unique voice in the field of mental health. MHNR Network is proud to share their voices with our listeners.

CEO and host of Mental Health News Radio, Kristin Walker, has been working in the behavioral health field for over 20 years. She is also the CEO of everythingEHR a behavioral health technology consulting firm. Many of the guests on MHNR have co-hosted multiple shows with Kristin and become part of the podcast family. Mental Health News Radio has broadcast live from many of the largest conferences in the industry such as The National Council for Behavioral Health. MHNR Network interviews give voice to world engaging in conversations that matter. They cover a variety of topics including but not limited to: depression, psychological trauma, suicide, addiction, narcissism, codependency, empathy, sexual abuse and many more.

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