Mental Health News Radio Network Announces Strategic Sponsorship With Triadic LLC to Promote Public Knowledge About Revenue Cycle Management

Triadic, LLC

Mental Health News Radio Network is proud to announce Triadic LLC as a strategic partner. Headquartered out of Durham, North Carolina, Triadic LLC is comprised of professionals with over 30 years combined experience in operational processes oversight, billing and IT management. They are dedicated to advising Behavioral Healthcare organizations and professionals in discovering ideal solutions for their agencies. Mental Health News Radio Network, commonly known as MHNR network, based out of Asheville, North Carolina, is a network of podcasts focused on mental health and how it affects all aspects of individual’s lives: Emotional, Physical, Financial, Spiritual, Entertainment, Sports, Politics, Technological, and more. By bringing together mental health professionals and IT management, this sponsored partnership will offer the general public a greater understanding of the vital role that billing plays in building an effective practice.

Triadic LLC knows that every office has different needs, which is why they work with each practice on an individual basis. They currently work with MH, SA and I/DD agencies, and they strive to provide clients with comprehensive recommendations to manage their organizations, without neglecting accuracy and efficiency.

Outsourcing billing can help clinicians witness remarkable improvement in payment collections.

Melanie Vann

Outsourcing billing can help clinicians witness remarkable improvement in payment collections. They can reduce AR days, operational costs, denial rates and also improve cash flow. If a new business is starting or transitioning because of an employee’s resignation, outsourcing makes the most sense financially. Triadic LLC strives to create transparency. A medical billing company should be able to supply comprehensive performance reports automatically or upon request. This capability grants unparalleled visibility into billing operations without requiring internal micromanagement. Lastly, outsourcing will afford you enhanced consistency. Triadic LLC will be contractually obliged to perform particular services, such as appealing denials, with an anticipated level of success.

With over 30 years of combined experience in operational processes oversight, billing and IT management, Triadic staff possesses the Behavioral Healthcare experience necessary to ensure efficacy in all areas of practice. From beginning to end, they are available for implementing and maintaining an EHR system, ensuring that structuring processes are as efficient as possible while maintaining focus on revenue and assisting with audits and accreditation.

Cindy Day has 20 years of experience in positions that incorporate both Finance and IT backgrounds. Having supported most departments in various organizations, as well as having an end user and programmer/analyst background, she is able to work with both internal and external customers of all levels and technical backgrounds. Cindy utilizes her knowledge in project management, staff management, analysis, training and revenue cycle management. She has not only assisted agencies in increasing efficiency and productivity by reducing expenses but also uses her skills to research, test, implement and train on multiple software packages, including EHRs/EMRs.

MHNR network is made up of Authors, counselors, technologists, and advocates with one common thread: Mental Health. These professionals come together to spread awareness of how mental health affects physical, mental, sexual, spiritual, technological, and financial areas of individual’s lives. Each MHNR network host has a unique voice in the field of mental health. MHNR Network is proud to share their voices with our listeners.

Source: Mental Health News Radio