Mental Health News Radio Network Announces New Behavioral Health Podcast 'Beyond the Bars Radio' Hosted by Rob Lohman M.B.A, Addiction Interventionist and Recovery Coach

Mental Health News Radio is proud to announce a new podcaster to their Network. Rob Lohman, M.B.A. will be hosting a new podcast named "Beyond the Bars Radio". This podcast will focus on recovery from addiction, incarceration, and advocacy.

Mental Health News Radio is proud to announce a new podcaster to their Network. Rob Lohman, M.B.A. will be hosting a new podcast named Beyond the Bars Radio. This podcast will focus on recovery from addiction, incarceration, and advocacy. Rob comes to the field of mental health from an interesting perspective: his own life experiences. Rob won his own battle with addiction and redirected his hopes and dreams to form “Lifted From the Rut”, a recovery coaching platform. Rob has certifications through The Addictions Academy in Interventions, Recovery Coaching, Christian Recovery Coaching, Family and Christian Family Coaching, and Food and Gambling Addictions. These tools afford him the skillset he needs to help others break free from their own addictions and hardships. “The Addiction Recovery Hub" serves as an umbrella to Rob’s many projects. He hopes to make the hub a household name for those suffering from addiction. Rob has also self-published a book that has the intention of inspiring others to persevere through their own journeys. “The Momentum Journey: Breakdown at Exit 63” has been described by reviewers as a dose of inspiration.

The last 18 months of running his successful coaching business have been a time of growth and creativity. Once Rob began seeing the transformations he could help facilitate through “Lifted From the Rut”, he started to realize that there was a piece missing in the recovery puzzle. He saw that the industry needed a unique Men's Transformational Home. Rob threw himself into this project full-fledged and founded The Rock Transformational House. The house will offer men the opportunity to continue their journey of healing through a spiritual perspective. He hopes to set those in recovery up for future success who can then go on to help others do the same. Planning to open in Spring 2018, efforts to raise $100,000 are currently active. An initial $25,000 will create a strong momentum. If you would like to help Rob reach his goal and see his dreams into fruition, you can find a link on The Addiction Recovery Hub.

Lohman also developed the profitable Navigating the World of Addiction events. These events endeavor to bring the community and addiction professionals together. They join to discuss addiction issues and recovery resources to help families get their loved ones help who suffer from addiction and mental health issues. Mental Health News Radio covered this event in 2017 and was impressed with Rob’s passion, drive, and business savvy in efforts to reach those who may otherwise be unreachable.

Lohman felt as though launching a podcast would enable him to tap into his large network of individuals. With his own podcast, he could help his guests share their stories, wisdom, expertise and hope with others who are seeking guidance and knowledge around these topics. For years people have encouraged him to get on the radio to share his experience as well as the strength and hope that have kept him in recovery. Now he will do this on MHNR Network through the Beyond The Bars Radio podcast!

MHNR network is made up of authors, counselors, technologists, and advocates with one common thread: Mental Health. These professionals come together to spread awareness of how mental health affects physical, mental, sexual, spiritual, technological, and financial areas of individual’s lives. Each MHNR network host has a unique voice in the field of mental health. MHNR Network is proud to share their voices with our listeners. Bringing Rob on board with the Network was a no-brainer. His dedication and professionalism is bar none. We are inspired by his journey and hope you will tune in to get to know him better.

CEO and host of Mental Health News Radio, Kristin Walker, has been working in the behavioral health field for over 20 years. She is also the CEO of everythingEHR, a behavioral health technology consulting firm. Many of the guests on MHNR have co-hosted multiple shows with Kristin and become part of the podcast family. Mental Health News Radio has broadcast live from many of the largest conferences in the industry such as The National Council for Behavioral Health. MHNR Network interviews give voice to the world by engaging in conversations that matter. They cover a variety of topics including but not limited to: depression, psychological trauma, suicide, addiction, narcissism, codependency, empathy, sexual abuse and many more.

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