Mensor Releases New Industrial High-Speed Pressure Controller, CPC3050

The CPC3050 High-Speed Pressure Controller can perform end-of-line three-point verification in 10 seconds.

Mensor releases new industrial high-speed pressure controller, CPC3050

The CPC3050 High-Speed Pressure Controller is the newest device in Mensor's lineup of precision pressure controllers. With an innovative regulator, the CPC3050 is designed for fast pressure control in industrial environments. It can perform 25% pressure increments in under four seconds with a 0.020% FS accuracy. (Jump straight to the product at

"The goal of every Mensor controller is to be the workhorse of your calibration lab or industrial plant. The CPC3050 High-Speed Pressure controller opens many opportunities for our customers to increase their factory throughput while maintaining Mensor's quality and stability," said Sam Cain, Lead Electrical Engineer for Mensor. 

The CPC3050 maximizes throughput in industries such as oil and gas and automotive manufacturing — however, it can be used whenever speed and accuracy are needed, for example: aerospace, aviation, pharma and power generation. It comes in high pressure and low-pressure versions with customizable ranges, a 10:1 range limit ratio, and auto-ranging so it can fit into most factories for end-of-line testing and sensor verification. 

"Mensor is a global leader providing precision pressure measurement and control solutions. We challenged our engineering team to build the fastest pressure controller on the market without sacrificing reliability. The new CPC3050 better accommodates our customers in the industrial sector by providing faster verification on their production lines and more efficiency in their calibration labs," said Jason Otto, President of Mensor LP. 

About the CPC3050

  • <4 seconds for 25% FS pressure changes. 
  • Remote communication: USB, RS-232, Ethernet, IEEE 488.2
  • 0.020% FS accuracy 
  • -1 up to 210 bar (-15 up to 3,045 psi)
  • Up to two internal transducers with customizable ranges. 10:1 transducer ratio limit
  • Optional internal barometric reference (0.020% of Reading) for pressure emulation
  • PACE Pressure Calibrators and Mensor's CPC3000 remote command emulation for easy transitioning
  • 2 regulator types: 
    • Low Pressure (LP): 100 bar (1,500 psi) and below
    • High Pressure (HP): >101 bar up to 210 bar (3,045 psi)

For more information about Mensor's CPC3050, go to — for our full line of measurement, control and calibration solutions, visit us at or call us at 800-984-4200 • For media and press, contact: Aaron Rayner, Mensor Director of Marketing, at

About Mensor
For over 50 years, Mensor has been your partner for pressure applications. Founded in 1969, Mensor has had a focus on pressure measurement, control and calibration. When we became a part of Wika group in 2006, we expanded our expertise globally as calibration technology specialists in pressure, temperature and electrical applications. 

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