Men's Meds Program Makes Prescriptions Easy

Pharmacy health programs make filling prescriptions and getting health information easier. At John’s Pharmacy, the Men’s Meds program targets perhaps the most reluctant population – those with erectile dysfunction.

John and his business partner Chris strive to provide fast and accurate personal service to their customers, and they realize erectile dysfunction is not an easy topic for discussion. This new health program allows men to easily and affordably fill medication online and have it delivered for free.

Men just want to deal with the issue, but they don’t want to talk about it. They contact doctors, ensure the proper medications and dosage recommendation and fill the prescription. They also ship it for free.

Additionally, John’s Pharmacy provides generic medications that have the same ingredients as the most popular brands at a much lower cost. The family-owned pharmacy also contacts insurance companies so patients have as little inconvenience as possible. Sometimes, the generic medications are even cheaper out-of-pocket than with insurance. John’s Pharmacy offers options for medications and provides complete information for customers to control their own health decisions.

Our staff is committed to community health. We realize that erectile dysfunction is a real issue for men and that privacy is important. We can speak over the phone with both our customers and their physicians to ensure prescriptions are delivered properly and promptly.

John’s Pharmacy also offers compounding so patients can get the exact dose in a different form. For more information on the Men’s Meds program, visit

Source: John's Pharmacy