Men's Grooming Company Focuses on Authentic, Natural, and Quality Products

New grooming brand launches natural product line for men.

Modern Mane Skincare (Vancouver, British Columbia) is one of the first comprehensive male grooming companies to combine quality products, natural ingredients and an authentic brand.

This Canadian company’s product offering includes wet shaving supplies, beard maintenance, male skin care products, and hair styling pomades. Skin care is an emerging market for men. Male oriented beauty and personal care launches have increased globally by more than 70% since 2012.

"I wasn't satisfied with the skin care options for men, so I set out to change that."

Patrick Heer, Founder, Modern Mane

Modern Mane’s focus on quality natural ingredients was set by the company’s co-founder who has personally dealt with Eczema. “I wasn’t satisfied with the skin care options for men, so I set out to change that.” says Mr. Patrick Heer, co-founder of Modern Mane. He found a solution in natural skin care products, after he dealt with overhyped alternatives. These popular alternatives frequently cause complications due to chemical additives such as fragrance. In a scientific test, 2–4% of the general population were found to be sensitive to ingredients found in fragrance.


About Modern Mane Skincare Inc.

We're a men's grooming brand that appreciates quality, authenticity, and environmental sustainability. We specialize in shaving, beards, hair styling and skin care products. We don't test our products on animals, unless you count our staff.