Mendo Green Electronics Highlights New Tech Products

Site offers deals and information about the latest gadgets

A new site, Mendo Green Electronics, offers users information on the latest technology, as well as access to deals on new gadgets and more.

One product recently highlighted was Plugfones, which both block external sound and serve as earphones for any smartphone or portable music player.

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“With Plugfones , work doesn’t need to be an unaccompanied trudge,” the site wrote. “Neither does play. Plugfones allow you to listen to your favorite tunes while you abide by the required regulations. That’s because Plugfones are NRR certified to 25db, so they reduce potentially dangerous noise pollution. You don’t even have to be working in a factory to make use of Plugfones; the noise-cancelling element of the headphones makes them perfect accessories for gym workouts or plane travel.”

Also highlighted on the site is iSkin, which makes protective covers for electronics.

“If you are not Hollywood enough to be able to afford your own security personnel, how about investing a fraction of the cost of your device on a stylish protective cover or case?” the site wrote. “This was the excellent idea that came to the people who created iSkin, over a decade ago, right at the start of the evolution into portable digital music players.”

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