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Mendez, Brazil's leading hot sauce maker, in partnership with New York City's StartupRunner > Foods, launches Mendez Hot Sauce today exclusively on Amazon for U.S.-based Amazon members.

Mendez Hot Sauce

Mendez, Brazil's leading hot sauce maker in partnership with New York City's StartupRunner > Foods, launches Mendez Hot Sauce today exclusively on Amazon for U.S.-based Amazon members.

Thirteen years ago, founder Rafael Mendez, on a fishing trip in Central Brazil, blended native malagueta chili peppers with some premium vegan ingredients to create a deliciously unique yellow hot sauce for his friends. Over a decade later, millions of Brazilian's have enjoyed Mendez's hot sauce.

The tremendous need for malagueta peppers created an opportunity to lift families out of poverty by providing farmland, agricultural training and the guaranteed purchase of chili pepper crops near Rafael's hometown of Anapolis, Brazil. Every 5,000 bottles of Mendez Hot Sauce sold gives decent work to a family for one year, accelerating the Sustainable Development Goals in Central Brazil.

“We are excited to bring Mendez Hot Sauce to a global audience. I've personally enjoyed Rafael's delicious product for a decade, so when StartupRunner learned Mendez had lifted hundreds of farming families out of poverty, our impact foods company jumped on the opportunity to scale Mendez's impact through global online distribution,” said Derick Thompson, founder of StartupRunner.

The newly launched sauce directly addresses millennial consumers' need for healthy gourmet sauces. Mendez is vegan, non-GMO, mayo-free, gluten free, dye free with no artificial flavors or sugar added. The unique, perfect heated flavor enhances pizza, cheese, meats, eggs - any savory food! Mendez Hot Sauce can be used not only to flavor various dishes, soups and more but serves as a great condiment too.

Rafael Mendez, hot sauce creator, said, "It's always been a dream to provide decent work for more families in Central Brazil by sharing my hot sauce with families around the world. StartupRunner's partnership to bring my hot sauce to the world and accelerate the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals has been transformational for me.”

Mendez Hot Sauce comes in a convenient 7.3 oz bottle, which makes it easy to draw a signature line of Mendez Hot Sauce to drag n' drop your favorite food.

Pick up a bottle of Mendez on the Amazon product page, and visit for more information.

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