Memsource Business Analytics Helps Enterprise Customers Measure Their Translation Process

With the launch of the 5.3. release of Memsource Cloud, translation technology provider Memsource introduces a new business analytics module.

With the 2015 quarterly translation volume exceeding one billion words, the translation software provider Memsource has decided to re-think its approach to reporting and analytics features.

The 5.3. release of Memsource Cloud includes the first version of a new analytics module through which every new job, word count analysis or translation quote is indexed in real-time. Customizable interactive charts will help users gain insight into a number of aspects of their translation process - such as translation quality, machine translation usage, costs, progress and warnings - and better map their efficiency and productivity.

The features of the new analytics module will be rolled out in steps. Initially, the new data visualizations will only be available to Memsource enterprise users through a new dashboard section of Memsource Cloud, Home Page. In the near future, Memsource plans to expose the data also through its API and Kibana - an open-source data visualization workbench.

By the end of March 2016 Memsource will extend the new business analytics module also to its translation agency customers. Ultimately, everyone using Memsource will have access to the business analytics module.

David Čaněk, Memsource’s CEO, explains: “It took us about three years (until early 2014) to build Memsource as a cloud-based translation tool. Since then, we have focused on developing features on top of our cloud platform, such as Shared Projects and Shared Jobs - which have completely transformed traditional translation vendor management - or the Automation Widget, which presents a complex translation automation logic through a simple web form. Business Analytics is another breakthrough feature that will make it possible for our users not only to better understand their own data, but also to learn how they are doing in comparison to others, through anonymized cloud-wide benchmarks.”

About Memsource

Founded in 2010 in Prague, Czech Republic, Memsource​ helps global companies translate and manage translations. Its flagship product, Memsource Cloud, is an API-enabled translation environment that supports over 50,000 users in their everyday translation needs: translation companies, corporate translation departments, and freelancers. Memsource Cloud includes translation memory, integrated machine translation, terminology management, and a free translator's workbench. Memsource Cloud is unique for its high availability and scalability, and has been recognized for combining robust performance with user-friendliness.