Member's Media Launches Platform Cooperative for Independent Narrative Media.

Member's Media launches the World's first multi-stakeholder narrative media platform cooperative; majority owned by independent filmmakers, collaborators and their audience. Submissions for inaugural independent episodic accelerator open now through December 16, 2015.

Oregon based narrative content creators are invited to submit and compete for a spot in the inaugural Oregon Episodic Lab, a three-month long cooperative run accelerator program designed to prepare micro-budget episodic projects for successful funding, production, and audience building campaigns.

User Ownership

A big problem for independent narrative media is the lack of support resources in proportion to the demand, especially in the development stages. Member's Media is designed to bring the entire indie film community together, put our collective resources behind compelling micro-budget projects, and greatly increase their ability to succeed. We are liken to the old Hollywood Studio System, but for true independent projects; where creators maintain control of their work and the studio is owned by the community.

Robert Benjamin


Member’s Media, Ltd. Cooperative has adapted a form of democratic corporate ownership used by enterprises like REI, credit unions, and farming co-ops to offer a new form of balanced crowd ownership to the independent film community. Through the formation of what is being dubbed as a “Platform Cooperative” the future user base, whose contributions make possible the success of all Online Platforms, will have a majority enterprise ownership and governance interest.

“Today the dominant platforms that independent content creators and freelancers use to connect and do business do not serve the interests of their user base. Rather, they serve those of their majority stockholders whom tend to be large parent corporations and Investment Firms. This has resulted in the proliferation of highly extractive and unsustainable business models that further increase the difficulties independent and freelance content creators face in the marketplace. It has also produced a steadily worsening and intrusive audience experience. The only way to counteract and safeguard against this is for online communities to build, use, and majority-own the platforms.” said Mr. Benjamin.



Founded in 2014, Member’s Media, Ltd. Cooperative is based in Portland, Oregon, USA. The prime directive of Member’s Media is to increase the quality quantity and value of independently produced narrative media.  They help independent narrative succeed through mentor-ship, collaboration, gap funding, and increased audience engagement. Member’s Media offers four classes of Patron-Member ownership; Mentor, Creator, Collaborator, and Supporter through a one-time capital contribution and a yearly service subscription. For more information visit


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Member's Media, Ltd. Cooperative's prime is to help independent narrative creators succeed through mentorship, collaboration, gap funding, and increased audience engagement.

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