MEI LI Combines Fashion and Function While Telling an Authentic Story

Luxury handbag brand aims to bring more diversity to the fashion industry.

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MEI LI Brands, a new San Francisco Fashion Startup today announced that its newest handbag collection, the SOMA Collection will be launching on Kickstarter on February 23, 2018. The company, based in San Francisco, with operations in Hong Kong and China, prides itself on making premium handbags that focuses both on fashion and function. The Kickstarter Campaign page will be accessible by going to The company also announced that there will be a special "Super Early Bird" promotion for their opening week on the Kickstarter Campaign. 

"We are so excited to be joining the ranks of many new companies that start on Kickstarter", says the CEO of MEI LI Brands, James Ng. "We look up to the many others that have trail blazed this for us. We also really wanted to represent Asian Americans in the fashion space, and MEI LI will be our way of doing that."

The SOMA Collection is named after the SOMA district in San Francisco. "SOMA is where all of the new development is in the city. Its where people work, live, eat out and socializes and our collection of handbags is designed for people and their busy lives. The SOMA Collection captures that busy lifestyle that most of us have these days", explains Ng.

The SOMA Collection consists of the MIN Crossbody bag, that has a detachable wallet for easy removal when needing to use a larger tote bag. The LIAN tote bag is a medium tote bag that can accommodate a thin 12-inch notebook. The LILY tote bag is a large tote bag that will accommodate a thin 15-inch notebook.

About MEI LI Brands

MEI LI Brands is a fashion company located in San Francisco with operations in Hong Kong and China. It is a privately held company. 

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About MEI LI Brands

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MEI LI is a luxury fashion brand with offices located in San Francisco and operations in Hong Kong and China.

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