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Travel Expert and TV Host Has Timely Tips To Enjoy Camping!

Meggan Kaiser

Summer is here, which means that people are looking for new adventures. Just in time for National Camping Month, Meggan Kaiser shared some tips to help make sure everyone has an enjoyable experience, whether it be visiting the national parks or camping in the backyard. Meggan Kaiser is a blogger and TV host, and as the author of Everywhere for Nothing: Free Travel for the Modern Nomad, she is known for having big adventures on a small budget. Whether you like traditional camping with a tent and a campfire, or Glamping with a resort-style feel, Meggan has all the information that every camper will need to enhance their camping experience this summer.

It is necessary to have all of the camping gear, but that also includes the ability to ensure that memories are saved. Be sure to pack the SanDisk Extreme Portable SSD V2, because it is the perfect drive to store photos without having to worry about it getting damaged while on the go. It has a durable design, which is also water and dust resistant. It can also be attached to a belt loop or backpack while out capturing life's memories. It starts at just under $85 and goes up to 4 terabytes of space! It fits the mobile lifestyle and accelerates every move perfectly, whether on the beach or out hiking! For more information, visit

Be prepared for bugs and pack Ranger Ready. It is a DEET-alternative repellent made with Picaridin 20%. It offers 12-hour protection from mosquitoes and ticks, and 8-hour protection against gnats, biting flies, no-see-ums, and other biting insects. It is safe to apply daily for all ages over 1 and is safe to use during pregnancy. It is not greasy, will not harm gear, and is available in a variety of premium scents. They also offer Scent Zero as well as Night Sky cologne, an Amber scent with notes of cedar and kid friendly Ranger Orange. For more information, visit

One of the best camping snacks are peanuts because they are easy, portable, and filling. Peanuts are perfect to put in trail mix along with dried fruits and M&Ms or just buy a prepared mix to take along. Ounce for ounce, there is a lot of tasty nutrition packed into that snack! Also, there is nothing better than S'Mores when sitting around the campfire, so take S'Mores to another level with peanut butter cups instead of plain chocolate! For more information, visit

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