Megan Fox & Machine Gun Kelly - Are They Truly Twin Flames?

Expert take from #1 international bestselling author, teacher, coach and Twin Flame and Ascension Alchemist Elle Hari

Elle Hari

​Hitting the news this week is Megan Fox’s interview about Machine Gun Kelly and his response to her belief that they are truly twin flames. Their relationship has been romantic and, by all reports, intense, which expert Elle Hari discussed on her YouTube show this week. 

According to Hari, twin flames are not merely about a romantic relationship. Everyone has and is a twin flame, and almost everyone has crossed paths with their twin flame in this and every lifetime. Many people are married to their twin flames, but many more grew up next door to their twin flames, work with their twin flames, etc. They just don’t know that they are twin flames until soul recognition happens.  

Soul recognition is the start of the twin flame journey. When the polarized energies become activated within each twin flame, they manifest physically as a push/pull dynamic – one twin flame pushes their energy toward the other twin flame, and the other twin flame pulls theirs back away from the push twin flame. This push/pull dynamic emerges very suddenly after a period of very strong and intense attraction to each other. 

During this period, polarized energies are building up until they reach a tipping point where the push/pull dynamic takes effect, and one of two relating dynamics occur:

1. The pull twin flame suddenly disappears and blocks the push twin flame out of his/her life;


2. The twin flames become stuck in a heartbreaking and painful and drama-filled back-and-forth relating cycle.

This is very devastating and shattering for the twin flames, and it happens beyond either of their own control. Soul energy is the strongest energy in the universe and so, the push/pull dynamic can only be overcome once one of the twin flames learns how to balance the energy. Because they are the same energy, it only takes one twin flame to balance the energy for both.

Hari reports that with Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly, they may be twin flames, however, they won’t know for sure until they experience soul recognition and the twin flame journey. Clearly, they have not experienced this (yet) since they are still physically together, and she claims to “know” that they are twin flames. Once the journey begins, there will be doubt about that and she won’t be so sure.

The twin flame brings to people the greatest gift. Not that of a mere physical relationship but that of knowing and learning about themselves on the deepest level possible. Only once someone knows themselves can they love themselves. The twin flame journey is the true lesson of self-love and everything that entails, such as perpetual happiness, peace, contentment, abundance and discovering a purpose.

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Sarah Snyder 

Source: Elle Hari Universal LLC