MEGA Electronics Unveils World's First Locking Rewireable C13 IEC Connector

New Jersey power supply component company offers new way to guard against accidental device disconnections

MEGA Electronics Inc. is pleased to introduce the IEC C13 Lock Rewireablethe world’s first locking rewireable C13 IEC connector.

Designed to guard against accidental disconnection from computers, PDUs, servers and most network devices, the new IEC Lock adds flexibility and ease of use, as well as LSZH (low smoke zero halogen) compatibility, to its list of features.

The beautifully straightforward high-visibility locking mechanism is combined with a simple release mechanism which allows for disconnection from all sides. Ideal as a retrofit solution, it requires no other equipment or special inlets to secure it. Simply plug it into an appliance as you would a standard IEC lead. The red cage release mechanism also marks the connector out from standard IEC leads to allow maintenance and other data center staff to identify critical power sources.

The IEC Lock's slim design means it can be easily implemented in areas where access is limited and ease of removal is paramount. Its LSZH attribute is crucial for critical applications in military, broadcast, transportation and data centers.

For more information about the IEC Lock product range, including the new rewireable connector, contact MEGA Electronics Inc at 732-249-2656, or visit us on the web at

Media Contact:
Guy Francfort
​Vice-President, Sales and Marketing

Source: MEGA Electronics