Meet Your Newest Employee: Hazlnut Kiosks

Meeting a Demand for a Market Heavily Impacted by COVID-19 through Integrated Self-Ordering Kiosks

16 months have passed since COVID-19 impacted daily lives forever. As people go back out to restaurants and return to some level of normalcy, restaurant operations have become stressed to a near breaking point. Meet Hazlnut, a company that is helping to bring new-age technology to small businesses across the country.

Hazlnut found that several local restaurants were struggling to hire serving staff, in mid-2020 they began developing a solution to help brands win big through the use of kiosks. Seamlessly integrated with popular point of sale systems such as Clover, Hazlnut Kiosks help deepen customer relationships by managing lines, increasing front of house efficiency, and providing a custom dining experience that can keep up with demand without the hassle of hiring a new employee. These Kiosks allow customers to place their own orders, giving managers the ability to reallocate staff to more pressing tasks like food prep. As a customer, entering your own order into the kiosk increases order accuracy. A request for 'no pickles' won't go unheard or misheard as 'extra pickles'.

It's easy to be a frustrated customer without the ability to actually make a change, but Dick Sikes (Co-Founder and CEO of Hazlnut) wanted to do something about it. "With software, if you can envision it, you can build it. We come in and help lift up small businesses to help compete with bigger brands like Panera Bread and McDonald's. It's rewarding seeing local businesses rise to the competition," said Sikes.

The timing is just right for such a product as well. Kiosks are quickly gaining popularity, and customers are starting to prefer them. Customers enjoy the experience of interacting with kiosks as they tend to present the menu in a clearer way (with high resolution pictures), plus restaurant owners can ensure that any 'add-on' mods are charged for appropriately.

Hazlnut Kiosks were launched in April 2021 at a local Jacksonville business: Larry's Giant Subs. To guarantee customer success, Hazlnut sent a developer to be on-site during the beta testing phase. John and Angie V., the Larry's franchisees, said, "Already planning to purchase more for our other locations!" after three successful months with Hazlnut Kiosks. On July 1, 2021, the Hazlnut Kiosks were officially announced to the public.

Hazlnut connects restaurants directly to customers through e-commerce, online sales and point of sale systems such as Clover, which is used in millions of restaurants worldwide. This saves time for employees so that they don't have to pick up the phone as often and can focus on who they are serving in stores. Wait time decreases and every order can be filled faster.

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