Meet the Workplace Workhorse, the New Epson LABELWORKS PX LW-PX800 Printer

The new Epson LW-PX800 is a multi-industry, multi-application and multi-user thermal transfer printer with a lifetime warranty.

K-Sun®, a leader in industrial identification and labeling solutions, introduces the newest multi-application thermal transfer printer with both Wi-Fi and networking capabilities – the Epson LABELWORKS PX LW-PX800.

The LW-PX800 is designed to replace multiple workstation label printers with a single workplace label printer. Multiple users can print to the same printer from their desktops, smart phones and tablets. Wi-Fi lets users easily connect with over a direct peer-to-peer connection without requiring a wireless access point. The LW-PX800 can be moved anywhere in a facility for shared access so multiple users can create safety, warehouse, tool room, office and other necessary labels at their desktops to a centrally located printer for use across the warehouse, shop, laboratory, tool room, production floor and office.

The LW-PX800’s flexibility, versatility in supplies, built-in tape saving features and the potential to reduce equipment investment substantially lowers costs associated with visual workplace communication, identification, bar coding, safety labeling and cable and wire marking/labeling.

The LW-PX800 includes the free Label Editor Professional for PC, the best label-creating software on the market with no licensing or upgrade fees. Label Editor Pro makes the LW-PX800 an easy-to-use, flexible and powerful label printer. Additional software includes free Label Editor Lite for Mac® and free Epson iLabel and Datacom apps for mobile devices.

The LW-PX800 has fast print speeds, a compact design and special features like half-cut for easy removal plus the exclusive PeelGuard® trimmer to ensure long-lasting labels. The Energy-Star Certified LW-PX800 uses PX Tape, which has more material per cartridge and is available in some 163 different types, sizes and colors up to 1.5” wide including magnetic tape, heat shrink tube, glow-in-the-dark tape, ANSI colors, strong adhesive labels and more.

K-Sun backs the LW-PX800 with an unrivaled lifetime warranty and expert one-on-one customer service – an unbeatable combination. For more information contact: K-Sun, 800-622-6312; email: info at; 


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